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    Sorry Shvr but you're absolutely wrong.

    I'm glad you think so.

    It's not a matter of opinion and snarky little come backs change nothing. There are empirical statistics that detail sales figures. The ratio of sales of one product to another is not opinion or feelings.

  • @ssgbryan I think that many/most vendors are only too well aware that times have moved on. The effort required to make a product is 5 times what it was as customer expectations and store standards (in some cases) have risen exponentially, yet sales have not necesarily risen accordingly. And this is where I DO agree with shvr, many/most vendors tend to create what they enjoy or are good at, not what sells, which is why, as you point out, so much of the outfits are hookerware. To be honest, I think that the stores shot themselves in the foot here with their low initial pricing models. They set the prices so low that it does not justify the effort of producing high quality products with lots of textures and beautifully crafted. It's better to find a niche product and sell that.
    I think most vendors get INTO selling because they make things for themselves that they discover sell, but if they are smart, once in, they think about what will sell. There are exceptions - people who hit paydirt on their first roll - Stonemason, Flink, and Neftis to name but a few, and who never need to diversify much because there is such a strong demand for what they already do.
    Funny thing here though, I've been using Poser for nearly two decades and I was actively LOOKING for a way to repurpose my M4/V4 textures and I didn't know that Texture Transformer existed. I have Texture Converter, and like you, I actually got Wardrobe Wizard before it was integrated into Poser (although updates for that seem to have stopped).
    I think many users are like me - they try these technologies out when they are new, and if they don't produce a decent result the first few times, they give up on them forever. Given Smith Micro's apparent reluctance to revisit old program components, that attitude seems justified, though I certainly recognise your point that processing power may have been the limitation for some.
    Again I agree with you about the desperate dearth of more diverse clothing, especially for the male figures. The number of times that I need simple casual wear yet I can only find a few items that have long been overused. There's 90,000 soldier, space armour costumes, a few pairs of jeans and Tshirts and it stops there. Which brings me full circle. Does it stop there because people do not buy it, or does it stop there because people are not making it?

  • @matb said in Sales stats: Does it stop there because people do not buy it, or does it stop there because people are not making it?

    It stops there because customers go out on public forums and pick those pieces to shreds. There was a recent thread at DAZ where the users took every single male casual outfit apart and ripped the vendors to pieces.

    If that's what you want to do, go for it, but don't expect vendors to come back for more abuse when you do.