How to use Apple Trackpad (wireless) with CSP/Manga studio?

  • Using Apple Trackpad (wireless) with Photoshop I can pinch (zoom) and rotate workspace with gestures. How can I set up CSP to receive the beforementioned gestures from my trackpad likewise? In CSP I can only zoom in or out (mouse wheel-ish) with two fingers ...
    Kindly, Mikael

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  • The problem is with CSP not enabling full touch capabilities on Mac for some unknown reason. You can get BetterTouchTool, and customize your trackpad to work much better with CSP. But you won't be able to pan with touch without switching to the hand tool.

  • @PGross Very interesting piece of software -- I'll check it out. Tried to address a few actions which worked well (keystrokes, mouse clicks etc.). Perhaps I haven't been thorough, but I cannot get CSP to accept actual live gestures like "rotate two fingers left/right"---> makes "image rotate left/right". But nevertheless thanks for your nice advice :)

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  • Here's my main CSP gestures for trackpad:
    0_1492498866207_Screenshot 2017-04-18 01.59.20.png

  • @PGross
    Great, thanks :)