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    [@kageryu and others: I really do not want Poser to go modular. I have Vue. I hate the 'locked to licenses' limitation. I've bought a ton of content over the years, and would have to pay a lot to upgrade all those models to my Vue 2016. I couldn't afford to upgrade my modules this time, so unti l can shell out the upgrade fees, I am stuck with the base program.]

    I would love to see Poser upgraded so we can enjoy particle physics and NURBS.

    I would add, I'd love to see a Bendy Bones feature like Blender just added!

    But most of all, I would really like to see an easier way to rig and alter base meshes, right in Poser. There are many vendors doing all sorts of modifications to heads, but what about hands?? I would like to be able to alter the number and shape of fingers/toes/arms/legs/necks etc to create new aliens for my book covers.

    Ditto morphs. Could you make it easier to morph figures? Maybe create a Morph Room and a way to easily create a dial for this or that by clicking on a point on the figure. Maybe some presets for diameter of the morph, types such as smooth, dimple, bump, wrinkle, swell, patterns for skin textures, and color and texture morphs for the morphed area. Maybe even hair morphs for hair, horns, scales, pads or thickened areas, cuticles, layers and toughnesses for each.

    I finally learned enough Blender to create a twin fingered hand from scratch, shaped like I wanted. How much better it would be to have an easy way to morph the standard characters various ways, right in Poser! I am probably asking for the moon, but I have been working on this stupid twin-fingered hand for years. Literally. My health is bad so I get to a certain point, get sick for a few months, then basically have to start from scratch with the tutorials.

    I am not good with Blender. I've been using Poser since 7. I am trying to learn enough DAZ Studio to get Genesis 3 on my Poser Pro 11 so I can create this new figure, but I need to learn to do morphs in Poser, and honestly, the project is very frustrating to me. Creating a new figure in Blender is not a realistic goal for me, judging how difficult it is to merely create a new hand!

    Poser and DAZ have been my lifesaver as far as human-looking characters, for my book covers. But, I write science fiction. I am having to come up with new shapes of people and animals. How nice it would be for us writers, to be able to alter models that come with these two softwares, to easily create morphs of basic humanoid and Earth animals.

    I would also like to see an easier way to texture or re-texture items, and a way to automate UV mapping. The Material Room is fantastic, but I would like to see some presets for common, broad categories of materials, and a way to apply them to mats more easily. Trying to use UV Mapper drives me more insane than I already am! If the item's texture already has a UV map that's working, can't I just go in the Material Room, pick a texture, and adjust resolution and move the map around until it is in the right place, and create a new file and or folder for it under my username if I'm using my own textures? If there was a way to use GIMP on a bridge in the Material Room....

    At the other end, I use GIMP for post-processing. How about a Bridge to GIMP? And, a Bridge to Blender? If these features I mentioned above are not practical to add to the Poser base program, if I had Bridges to them and a way to work within Poser with Poser's controls to create figures and work cameras and do animation, this would help me and I'm sure, a lot of other artists who are struggling as I am. Poser makes a lot of things about 3D modeling easier because of the controls and the interface. You have Bridges to Photoshop and ZBrush. How about for GIMP and Clip Studio? A way to import Poser figures/props/poses into Clip Studio/Manga Studio/Moho would be sooooo awesome!! And a Bridge for Clip Studio to Poser to create characters or items and rig them from things drawn in Clip Studio would be very helpful. That way I could design the clothing I want in Clip Studio, import it to Poser, and fit it to a figure. Then, rig it in Poser, too, and texture it! 2D to 3D. If it could be done realistically; I don't do toon stuff.

    Nothing is more confusing to me than going back and forth between Blender, GIMP, Poser and DAZ, and the difference in controls is very, very difficult for me. If there were bridges to these softwares with Poser controls, this would make me a very happy camper! I know Blender and GIMP don't take a lot of system resources, so maybe their bridges wouldn't be so hard to create. I would also like to see a way to specify Notepad [for us Windows users] as my text editor, and a way to read the ReadMe files from within Poser so I could see how the creator suggests setting the params.

    As for DAZ and Vue, I would also like to see Bridges to them with Poser controls, though I'm not sure if my machine could run Poser and DAZ, or Poser and Vue, at the same time. I guess that's why we have the DSON. Please, DAZ, update your DSON!! Or is it a Poser creation?? If we had a version of DSON to update DAZ stuff, including an Iray to SuperFly converter for mats, this would satisfy me for the DAZ side. Especially if you could just import Genesis 3. I want to be able to use those DAZ-only models in Poser, as well as my Bryce and Carrara content I mistakenly downloaded. I would also like to be able to load .max files. I know I can load the .ds3 files, but can't do MAX, and I have a lot of them in my runtimes.

    A Vue Bridge might be pushing it, but if I could just use parts of Vue, such as the ability to load primitives and texture them with Vue materials, or use the Terrain Editor to create and alter terrains and add them in Poser, or the Atmosphere Editor to add fog, rain, snow, skies, and stars, if Vue was agreeable. It would be a dream come true! That is, if my machine had the processing power to run even those parts of Vue. Of course, one can always create the background in Vue and import it into Poser, and I do!

    There are many things I love about Poser. So many quality items come with the software! So many quality figures, props, and scenes. The software itself is basically easy for me to use. I love the interface. To me, much easier than DAZ, but maybe that's 'cause I'm nearly 60 and started out with Poser, then tried to learn DAZ, but I don't like the controls as well as Poser's. I love the Genesis 3 figures and want to use them in Poser, but I am still struggling with where to save the files where Poser can see them. I need to watch Wilmap's excellent video again. It's not him, it's me [sigh]. I am thinking only the Gen 3's are going to be adaptable enough to put my twin-fingered hands onto. The other morphs are going to be a nightmare. As will the rigging, which I've decided to do in Poser. I wanna tear my hair out! But, I want to put my twin-fingered people on my book covers, so I will continue working on it.

    Poser has improved version after version. I am always excited about the new features, and y'all are very good to put tutorials up that I can follow and understand. My sister has funded my Poser purchases every couple of years, and I feel each was and is a good investment. I like that I can use ALL of my older content in it. Please keep the backward compatibility! I know there are pros and cons to that, but I would rather be able to use older content, particularly in the background, than have to replace everything every time I get a new version, as I do with Vue! Sadly, with Vue, I can't afford to replace any. I will never again purchase people in Vue, or buildings, really anything I can't create myself. That's limiting! I am so glad that I can do building scenes in Poser, which took me a couple years to discover that I can do big scenes in Poser! Now I wish I had a way to import the older Vue content I can no longer use in Vue, that I bought because I thought it was too big a model, that Poser couldn't handle a similar one. Unfortunately, many of these models are very, very unique.

    So, those are my thoughts on how to improve Poser. I'm an advanced computer user who has taken programming courses and worked as a computer tech in a large academic library in the DOS days. I hope to learn 3D well enough to become a vendor someday, but basically, my talent is more in writing than 3D art. If not for Poser, I wouldn't have even tried to use 3D for my book covers. I never had college-level art classes, though I would have loved to fit in some. My dad took a correspondence course from the Famous Artists school in the 50's and still had his books, so he taught me everything I know about art, aside from 2 years of art in junior high. I have a lot to learn. I've watched a lot of vids over the years to learn more, and I'm still learning. That's my art experience, in a nutshell. I'm just your average writer wanting to self-publish and do her own book covers. I am disabled, which makes it all harder, but my point is, Poser makes it possible. Poser, and Vue. Thanks for starting this thread.

    I'm enjoying reading the comments from other artists, most of whom are far more skilled than I! In fact, I see a lot of familiar names in this forum, names on items which I have bought or downloaded for free. Thanks to all y'all for taking the time to put your comments! I wish more of you would get on here while the Poser crew is reorganizing.

    For the Poser crew, you might take a leaf out of the Developers' book over at the Blizzard company. I play World of Warcraft and usually enjoy the Developer Q and A's from BlizzCon every year. I can't afford to go, but my sister and I usually watch remotely. They used to release expansions about every 2 years or so, and there were always more bugs in the old content that never got fixed, at the expense of putting out new content. Now, they've instituted a plan where they release frequent [more frequent] updates. Some of these fix problems, others release new content. Now the philosophy has changed: If a new feature isn't ready, it's delayed until a future update, or even the next expansion. I know game management is different from software management, but it seems this philosophy might work in software as well. To be flexible enough in your management that if something isn't quite ready, delay it until it is. Give your artists more time to work the kinks out. When you are managing creative people, I know it has to be frustrating to the whole team when things don't come together on schedule.

    But creative pursuits are more difficult to produce on a deadline than, say, a manufactured item. Time has to be managed, for sure, but programming of any kind isn't an exact science. When I had my first BASIC class, our teacher said that logic can't be taught. It can, but some people can grasp it, and some can't. The ones who can go on to be programmers. The ones who can't, wash out. Programming is a left-brain activity. Art and anything creative, a right-brain activity. You have a team of rare people, right there, who are talented at both the programming side, and the artistic side. It's easy to get behind schedule with either kind. But, I think, as a person who is comfortable using both sides of her brain, that the artistic side tends to take more time, since it is more subjective. If something doesn't look right, it can be reworked so much, it will never look right! On the other hand, working bugs out of programs isn't an exercise that lends itself well to deadlines, either, because it's easy to make a mistake that's very, very hard to find. Or you get an unpredictable result from a line of code that's supposed to be straightforward.

    Both sides are difficult to bend to the timeline and get done in a reasonable amount of time. Both kinds of activities are unpredictable. Something that seems straightforward and easy, can turn out to be a major time-eater. The reverse is often true. You hope that they will balance out. Often, they don't, and you're behind schedule. You have to get the work done in time or your reputation's at stake.

    I hope you'll be kind to your team. You'll be working with a lot of great talent. Deadlines will always be hard with this kind of product. But, I hope you're good at balancing the pressure of the deadlines with the quality of the work. Most of my experience with management has been on the receiving end of it, so there are realities of your day-to-day that I'll never fathom. Ultimately, I'm just the customer trying to tell you what I want and what I hope. This post is 'way too long; brevity was never one of my fine points. Or, meeting deadlines. I'm just hoping that when I buy the next version of Poser, that I can afford it, and that it enables me to put out my book covers faster :) I'm pretty sure, judging from my past experience with Poser, that I will like what I see.

    My best wishes go out to everyone at Poser, and indeed, at Smith-Micro!

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  • I really hope that Poser reads the Daz files without emulation.

  • My hopes for Poser 12 is that it is no longer nerfed to be cross op system compatible.

    Programming for 2 op systems either requires 2 code paths, or dropping one of the op systems entirely. I know that wont make the Mac crowd real happy, but 3fps animation playback on a windows machine that can crank out hundreds of fps in other programs is sort of pointless.

    Writing a UI in Xcode on a Mac then expecting it to be snappy on a Windows machine is a bit odd as well.

    Every op system has its advantages, and Poser doesn't really use any of those advantages on either op system. It never really has, and it shows.

    Other than that, fixing what is either broken, incomplete, etc. Would be a plus as well.

  • @shvrdavid I never really liked Studio. It didn't help endear itself to me when everything that came out for it was Windows only. I originally bought Poser because it was Mac compatible, so no, even though I'm on a Windows machine now, a Windows only Poser would spell the end of my using Poser.

  • Sadly, there are a lot of developers that have or are considering dropping Mac support. I have no clue what the Devs for Poser have in mind. They could very well do a dual path for both just as before.

    But if that dual path continues the same path of not taking advantage of either platform, it will just be more of the same.

  • @shvrdavid

    Isn't there talk of Macs dropping OpenGL support and going with proprietary "Metal"? Something like that would definitely put a chink in the armor.

  • @deecey Doesn't Poser user Direct3D on Windows? Also proprietary. And a lot of people go on about lray but that's CUDA and also proprietary. But dropping support for OpenGL (which they're doing) as opposed to contributing to making it better (at least on their own platform) is a bit stupid. Apple is headed right back to where they were before Jobs came back to them. Anyone remember how far down they were prior to OSX and first iMac? And then came iPod, the first useful music player (superior interface for and unheard of 5G (HD) of music. Then came iPhone, same deal. First approachable GUI in a portable device that covers your portable needs basics. Then hackers proved out installable apps (again Jobs wishes) and Apple got App Religion. They released superior laptops (retina, sleek multi-port, SOA portable CPU/GPU). The rev's iMac to something cool. Then Steve let his cancer kill him and Apple replaced him with an operations guy. And Apple hasn't done a single thing that "pops" since. They've let the mobile market get away. Their tablets are superior but they don't let IOS fly on it. Their mobile phones play catchup. Their flagship laptops cost twice as much and lag by a year. Their desktops... well, if you spend $10k you can get something powerful. That is largely unsupported at that power by major vendors. Sigh.... K. Enough ranting. A flat white, biscotti, and dog walk is in order.

  • @thoennes said in My Hopes For Poser 12:

    Doesn't Poser user Direct3D on Windows?

    No, Open GL


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    @thoennes It wasn't Jobs that saved Apple, unless you mean when he begged his old buddy Gates for $100+ mil. IMO Apple has always been overpriced overhyped crap. Had a macbook 'pro' in 2007 that I was forced into buying due to my enrollment agreement - as were just about every other art and tech student in the US and Canada back in the early to mid 2000's. And their iphone has always been a cheap knockoff of android in fancy packaging. Really the only thing they did half-way right was the ipod, but even that was rebranded tech in flashy packaging with good marketing gimmicks. That macbook I had lasted all of 18 months before it fried, and I barely used it other than writing papers for classes.

  • @dannistories well, that is a hell of a post.
    I'll read it later on the big screen, but for what i read so far, the list of things you wish for will do for at last 2 Upgrates.
    Interessting read.

  • @deecey Apple is dropping 32 bit, openGl, and openCl

  • @thoennes Cuda is hardware proprietary, but not OS.

    Nvidia writes drivers for many operating systems
    Windows approved them.
    Linux approved them.
    Solaris approved them.
    FreeBSD approved them.
    Apple has not in a while.

    The last Nvidia drivers approved for a Mac were for Mojave.
    And only the GeForce GTX 680, and the Quadro K5000 are supported.
    Nothing has been approved since............
    So the only thing that is really sticking out here, is that Apple is not approving the drivers.

    Macs of the future will run the same things that the apple phones run, one opp system for all the products.
    All products approved by Apple of Course.....

  • Did anyone else notice the OP posted this two years ago and that was the last time they were on?

    Also, the thread they're linking to seems to be restricted. D:

  • @shvrdavid said in My Hopes For Poser 12:
    Well DAZ studio is cross platform.
    I would be very sad if i was forced to go to DS as I have been a poser user since the beginning. And i will always have mac computers.
    Love esther

  • @shvrdavid said in My Hopes For Poser 12:

    ... I know that wont make the Mac crowd real happy, but 3fps animation playback on a windows machine that can crank out hundreds of fps in other programs is sort of pointless.

    While i agree with most of your points this example is misleading and has nothing to do with cross platform. It has to do with how Poser handles and processes its internal data. There is plenty of room for optimizations before the cross platform limitations would show up.

  • @estherau not sure what you mean by Cross Plattform.
    Sorry, not a native english speaker.
    Sometimes my vocabular reached its limit.

  • @johndoe641 Yeah :D . Made me go "wha????"

  • @nagra_00_

    Poser has been held back for years so one code base will putter along in 2 opp systems.

    I don't think what I said was misleading.

    As far as optimizing the base code, yes that isn't an issue so much. But once you get to os specific stuff, yeah, it is.

  • OK. It's a two year old thread (and there's not even a whisper of any such Poser 12), no one has heard anything (or said, if they've heard) from the Poser Dev team (whoever they are, now) in all that time.

    So I'm going to add my hope: A pony.

    There. Given how well these lists of hopes are attended to, I'm not going to buy feed or look into stables.

    I remember back in the day (Cooper) actually getting bugs I filed fixed. I quit filing them when they stopped fixing them.

    As for Macs and Apple... upstairs I have a mac that will blow just about any Windows machine right out into the Harbour. And the software to do that? Not much. Commercial companies need to prioritize. And right now, Apple is an expensive niche. (Don't ask too much about that machine :D )

  • @shvrdavid said in My Hopes For Poser 12:


    I don't think what I said was misleading.

    You beleave the major reason for the slow playback, as mentioned in your example, is a result of cross platform, really?
    Lets keep it at this, non of us has access to the source code and therefore we can only speculate. It remains speculation even when we (may) have a long experience in software development (including cross platform development)…