My Hopes For Poser 12

  • @nagra_00_

    Poser has been held back for years so one code base will putter along in 2 opp systems.

    I don't think what I said was misleading.

    As far as optimizing the base code, yes that isn't an issue so much. But once you get to os specific stuff, yeah, it is.

  • OK. It's a two year old thread (and there's not even a whisper of any such Poser 12), no one has heard anything (or said, if they've heard) from the Poser Dev team (whoever they are, now) in all that time.

    So I'm going to add my hope: A pony.

    There. Given how well these lists of hopes are attended to, I'm not going to buy feed or look into stables.

    I remember back in the day (Cooper) actually getting bugs I filed fixed. I quit filing them when they stopped fixing them.

    As for Macs and Apple... upstairs I have a mac that will blow just about any Windows machine right out into the Harbour. And the software to do that? Not much. Commercial companies need to prioritize. And right now, Apple is an expensive niche. (Don't ask too much about that machine :D )

  • @shvrdavid said in My Hopes For Poser 12:


    I don't think what I said was misleading.

    You beleave the major reason for the slow playback, as mentioned in your example, is a result of cross platform, really?
    Lets keep it at this, non of us has access to the source code and therefore we can only speculate. It remains speculation even when we (may) have a long experience in software development (including cross platform development)…

  • Just adding, SM has been making a lot of little mistakes lately. Have you ever read their web copy on some of the webpages? Features or buttons that are there in one version, but gone if they correct a bug. And they don't follow through. I'm sure Apple would work with them to iron out any problems they have, but Poser/SM seems to find them after the fact. Then, it's all Apple's fault?

  • Please don't get me wrong. I love Apple, and I love Poser. I've been with Poser for over 20 years, and Apple even longer. Sadly, I've moved away from Apple lately because they seem to favor phones over computers. I get that they favor miniturization, but I don't. And this may be my last version of Poser ever. I won't go to DS, though. I'll proably go to Blender.

  • @nagra_00_ It isn't rocket science to run a tracer on a program to see what it is doing. And once you have the results of that it isn't real hard to figure out that the majority of the code for the UI is nerfed in Windows.

    You can use things like this and learn a lot about how the code is processing things.
    There is little need to see the source in OpenGl to tell what it is doing.

    And as far as the source code goes, I know far more about that than you assume as well.

  • @shvrdavid says the rocket scientist :D

  • @eclark1849, don't get me wrong, but i think poser and blender are different kinds of animals.
    Poser and DS are content manipulstion software, blender, maya or in my case C4D are content creation software.
    One can build, texture, rig and pose or animate in blender, or C4D, but the whole UI of poser or DS is made to do this job more easy.
    I have used blender for particle and fluid simulations and i know the UI to some degree, but its far from easy to just set up a scene put some lights in it and push the render button.
    I work for almost 15 yeary with poser and since 9 years i use C4D. I used Interposer for a while but it crashed often and now im using poserfusion c4d.
    The only downside in this work flow is, one can not pose the figure inside of c4d.
    But one can switch from poser to c4d and back, reload the scene and the pose is udated.
    I use vray for c4d to render my pictures, its fast and looks fantastic.
    For a while i thougt i could get posers SF to work this way, but this did not work out well.
    I will not upgrade my poser version until they manage to get a better version of cycles, because SF is not good.
    Thats my hope for posers next version, i guess.

  • @marco I'm probably a little more drastic than you, but we're not that far apart. I just happen to prefer Blender. But it's not too late for Poser to win me back. Question is, do they want to.

  • @shvrdavid Ah finally, thanks for this small piece of info. I appreciate it.
    And no i don’t waste my time profiling other peoples closed source applications.