Stroke function doesn't work. Or doesn't exist?

  • Hi everyone, I don't know what to do cause in my Clip Studio Paint none of the tools – pen, brush, marker, pencil – have a stroke function working, I change stroke settings in tool properties, but the lines are still thick. First I thought the problem was my Intous Pen and Touch, so I downloaded drivers from Wacom site, but nothing changed. I still have Manga 4 on my PC, so the pen works perfectly there, the lines have perfect stroke and correction function works as well. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

  • Try going to File>Preferences>Tablet>Using Tablet Service. For Wacom I think you should be on WinTab (but if that doesn't work - try TabletPC). If you're on a Mac, I think there are 6 services to choose from. You have to go through them all to see which one works.

  • Garlam, thank you so much, it works now! Thanks!