Is FaceGen compatible with Poser?

  • Just asking. I was doing a little reading over at the Commons, and was noticing that several of the features for making faces with Gen 3 were similar to or the same as Poser's Face room.

  • Daz have been selling 3rd party face generating software things for many years.

    They do the same sort of thing as the face room.

    I tried some of the earlier 3rd party incarnations - and like the poser face room they were pretty rubbish.

  • I Forgot to answer your actual question:
    Is FaceGen compatible with Poser - No it doesn't interface with Poser or it's figures -
    it creates face morphs for genesis1 to 3, so you would need to create the face morphs in FaceGen, then create the Poser compatible files in Daz Studio and then use the DSON plugin to load the genesis figure and the face morphs into Poser.