Atmosphere only in Firefly to add as a layer for Superfly renders

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    To render atmosphere effects in superfly is bad. Slow and noisy and DepthCue doesn't work at all in superfly.

    So I render the atmosphere seperatly with firefly and add it as a layer to the superfly render in Clipstudio. But for doing this I need to make all objects and figures in the scene with mat black shade, that's much work.
    Now I saw there is the option "shadows only" in the firefly option, but that was not what I need.

    Is there any other possibility to render the atmosphere effects only as if all objects were mat black shaded. Or is there another trick to do that or a script wich shades all objects mat black?

    The best would be there was an option like "atmosphere only" in tthe Firefly settings. That would be great, so I could use the great atmosphere effects from Firefly for my superfly renders.

  • @joker You might try rendering to TIFF and using The aux render data option for Z-depth and use that in Photoshop to ad atmospherics to your Superfly image.
    0_1492666803206_Aux Render Data.jpg

  • @joker my spelling is pretty bad... I type faster than I can think.

  • @ghostship Thank you very much for your reply. It's a good idea to make a atmosphere depth effect. But is it also possible to make light beam effect or smoke clouds effect?

    It's seems not possible to make a custom output for the atmosphere shader, that would maybe also a solution?

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    Normally I hate it when somebody asks a question about how to do X, and people demand to know why you want to do X, but ...

    Here's the thing - I've used volume scatter a few times and didn't notice it adding to the "slow and noisy" aspect of SF. Let me put it another way - SF is slow and noisy anyway. Adding the volumetric effect doesn't seem to me to make it any worse. If anything, it helps.

    Here's a test render, still in progress, that just passed 1000 samples per pixel. The left side has a box with volume scatter and the right side does not. It looks to me like the grain on the volume scatter side is actually reduced.

    Could you say more (with pictures) about what problem you're encountering? Maybe you're "holding it wrong".

  • @bagginsbill Thank you for your ideas.

    Yes for a simple depth effect your solution works. or the solution of "ghostship" is also perfect. but..

    The problem is, in SF i can't make light beams like the pics below. In FF I can set "Atmosphere strenght" in a light source to get get this nice effect. 0_1492694955712_ritualroom accept by horus Atmo-tonkurve.jpg

    so I add that to my SF render and I get a nice atmiosphere effect for SF. But I need to set the most shades of the objects to mat black to isolate the atmosphere light beams.

    at the end I get this picture. with some additional after works0_1492695392738_ritualroom accept by horus-zx.jpg

  • ... or this is also made with this method

    0_1492695623068_Treppe dark HC.jpg

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    Hmmm. It seems difficult to get the rays to be as bright as in your renders. I don't know if that's because SuperFly implemented VolumeScatter wrong, or because that many particles would also then block our ability to see a great distance, as in through clouds, which are largely opaque to the observer. If SuperFly is physically correct, then the situations you're creating are physically impossible. Every time I increase the density of the atmosphere enough to get bright rays, I also lose the ability to see light over any great distance.


    If you really want them that bright, I'd continue to use that technique. Otherwise I can show you how I did this render on SuperFly.

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    Note also that if the rays are very bright, they start lighting up the things around them, causing the inky blackness to be lost.

    It's very hard to make SuperFly do unrealistic things.

  • @bagginsbill Thank you for your answers.

    Yes I would like to know how you get this bright light rays in this picture with superfly.

  • ... all in all I think it would realy makes sence if poser would get a custom output in the atmosphere, so I could render only the atmosphere in FF