Consolidate project from PC to Mac

  • A freelancer is doing some poser work for me. He's on pc using daz dson importer assets, obj and fbx assets, and possibly doing some of the animation work in iclone.

    I'm on a Mac. We both have poser 11 pro. We have the same actors and actor upgrades, which were purchased on the daz marketplace and converted to poser.

    When he sends me the .pz3 scene file and I try to open it, I'm prompted to find all of these assets. Obj files, pmd files etc.

    Is there an easy way to have the poser app gather all of these dependencies and package them up so we don't miss any of them? Seems like this would be a very commonly needed process. If for no other reason to be able to backup projects easily, to move them to other computers, or to deliver work to a client.

    So is there a consolidate project option somewheee to make this handoff easier?

  • You can export entire scenes with all of the associated files, etc.

    Look in the script menu/Utility/CollectSceneInventory, then copy all of it to a folder. That puts everything you need for the scene in that folder and writes the pz3 to look in the same folder versus in a Runtime.

    There are some other ways of doing it so you don't have to send all of the info back and forth every time, such as using Dropbox Runtimes to share and sync work.

  • YES! That does it. Thanks!

    Now I have another issue that I'll post as a new topic.

  • Your Welcome