Apply buttons suddenly gone

  • Hi there, all of a sudden my single and/or double apply buttons have vanished from the Pose, Face and Hand library. It happened all of a sudden when I was using Poser (11)

    Character lib still has a double checkmark, and Hair and Props still have a single checkmark. Lights and Scenes still have both, Cam and Mat have a single checkmark.

    What I did sofar: deleting Poser.ini, libprefs and UI prefs as per the instructions "Solving weird issues with Poser by removing the preferences.htm". Usually this does the trick with other problems.

    Of course I rebooted Poser a couple of times, and my computer as well.

    But no joy so far. Anyone any idea what this is about?


  • And all of a sudden they're back again...?!?? What gives???

  • @BobM I'm running 11 Pro and had a funny thing happen a few weeks back where some of the library icons reverted back to the old PP2014 versions. Then clicking on them made them become the new icons again.

  • Bummer & they're gone again. Grrrr

  • @BobM And they're. Couple of times restarting PP11Pro seems to do the trick. Duhhh.

    And GONE again. GDD**MIT!!!

  • I had the same issue when I ran an old python script - fortunately I'd installed the script for testing so knew where to find the little bu**er - and removing the script fixed the issue ;) .

    I also noticed this morning that I've got a loading error after installing a plug-in for Poser 2014 that I bought from RDNA - that's not even that old but I suppose one of the Poser 11 updates could have changed something and the plugin isn't ever going to get an update now :(

  • @adi Hey Adi, thanks for the feedback. AT least it gives a handle to start looking. Although my checkmarks reappear out of the blue again.
    Also saw the last time they disappeared I also couldn't drag n drop a .pz2 (or fc2 or mc) into the pose room.
    And (I use external libs with webbrowser so I can have oodles of tabs, all pointing to their particular spot in the runtime) this time some tabs wouldn't have the checkmarks and some would still have them - an functioning. The first time (couple months ago) it happened the tabs were consistent in refusing to display the checkmarks. And interestingly enough the checkmarks for .cr2 and .pp2 remain functioning. Totally confused.

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