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    I have honestly massive problems to get proper lights with Poser Superfly. My renders look all like a piece of crap.
    While I was try out DAZ studio the last 2 months, ( for production) , I remark the lights over there are more easy and give really amazing results. (But still hate DAZ studio, just for the record) . Meanwhile in Poser, I was not so far away to cry when I try to set up proper lights.
    Is there a good workaround, tut, tips?

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    Could you be more specific? So far the lights in SuperFly have done exactly what I expect within the limits of my tolerance for doing enough samples. Although I can still make bad shaders, I cannot make bad lights.

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    My lights look all dull. Flat. The portraits are okay, there I use your tip with the four lights from RDNA thread, but my Environments sucks.

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    Well that's still not very specific so I have to guess.

    Here's my guess: You are not comfortable or familiar with physics. You got used to FireFly's ridiculous, unrealistic lighting, which does not weaken as it spreads the way real light (and SuperFly light) does.

    Remedy: The intensity of your lights is defining how bright it will be ONLY at one PNU from the light. If you're trying to set lights far from the things being lit, you have to configure them much brighter than you used to because you're experiencing inverse square falloff on area, point, and spot lights.

    When I set up lights for a large room (like the construct) they have to be bright. Like, get used to intensity numbers such as 4000%, 8000%, even 16000%.

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    How are you used to talking about real life light power? In US we use watts. For me, a typical bulb in my home is 60 to 200 watts. This number system is not a bad match for thinking about Poser lights, too. I might use three or four of these in my living room. I use six bulbs of 60 watts each (360 watts total) in my kitchen.

    Now - what sort of light (in watts) do you think is needed to light a football stadium?

    Answer - 1000 watts times 200 fixtures = 200,000 watts. That is 2000 times more brightness than my living room bulb.

    I found another stadium that uses 753 lights of 1,500-watt each, total is 1.13 MILLION watts.

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    In Firefly I used your Dome, proper HDRI image and depends on the scene a Sunlight. (Infinitelight). My scene was mostly well lighted.With physics I am okay ;) .
    Now I try the method in Superfly. Your Dome, proper HDRI and one Sunlight. Looks not good. Dull and flat.Or washed out.. Now matter how I try to fit the values.
    Look here. Your Dome one HDRI image and one sun light. Looks boring . No deep, no atmosphere.![alt text](0_1463404380622_maison2.png image url)

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    What does the FireFly render look like?

    When you use FireFly, do you have GC on and set to 2.2 or something else?

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    The Firefly render is more brilliant. Vivid. Have it not in the render-cache anymore to show. My GC are set to 2.2 .
    Shader are for Superfly. I have here Substance painter texture maps, with normal , no fancy settings. The Stones are from Poser 11 shader library for marble. Just the maps I plugged and tweaked the glossiness. The sky is your Dome with a HDRI image from Colm.

  • For my renders, I do not have any lights in my Superfly scenes. I use emission nodes and make the environment props light emitters. I use Cycles Shaders and have the emission node plugged. Here is my Cycles Surface only SSS skin shader on Pauline, using 3 cube props and the Backround prop, all set with emission shaders, no lights in the scene.


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    Yes, but it still looks dull IMHO ibr_remote.
    Here I have a render done a few weeks ago. This was done in Poser 11 EZmat3 BB Dome and 3 Pointlights. Looks good I think. Straight out from Poser, no postwork. But when it comes to a Landscape, I suck and my image looks just shit. So what do I wrong?
    I have no clue !0_1463410582527_Dynamics-21-for-Dawn---Regency-Frills-by-Lully02.jpg

    The last days I was going through "Principes de synthèse d'images from Université de Reims - Pascal Mignot.Very interesting, but I still sucks.

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    What I would really wish, a Dome inside of the render engine. I am sure this would improve the render quality enormous. The construct is not my cup of tea. here I prefer BB Dome.

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    This was a testrender. The textures are still for Firefly, I was here lights testing.

  • Ladonna, I find Vince Banga's Sunlight works really well with Superfly with Flink's Skydome. Here are 2 renders in Superfly using that setup. Dreamland's City Park. I changed nothing by way of materials - these are Poser Firefly settings rendered in Superfly.



  • What intensity is your infinite light set to? As an example, this was a render in which I used a standard (not hdr) jpg image on BB's Envsphere for ambient lighting, and an infinite light at 200%. I did some ambient-only renders first to get that more or less right, then switched on and adjusted the sunlight. This (reduced) image only partially conveys the effects of the bright sunlight, particularly the specular reflections and the translucency of the leaves.

    0_1463424952900_03 Pauline Eagle.jpg

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    Glitterati, this looks great.

    @chriswwd Depending on my scene and props , buildings I have inside.
    But I do yesterday a few experiments. Using the sky texture node. Here I got some nice results without lights.

  • To blow my own trumpet, check this:
    51 pages of lighting in Superfly (most works with Firefly as well). It not only covers the relationships between lights in Poser, but allows you to (mostly) pre-calculate them.

    These were both set up, the lights calculated, hit render. No test renders for either, these were the lighting results I got first time.

  • Where did my images go?
    I used the image link, entered the URL, and they don't show?
    A preview option would be nice so I can CHECK these things before submitting...

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    @piersyf Thank you so much. I will go trough for sure. :)
    I guess my problem is my own stupidity. I use to render a lot In lightwave and with Vray. Sure I can not except the same result on Poser.
    Have to find here really a good workaround

  • OK, got it... don't use the URL, use the direct http... like that's obvious...

    alt text

    alt text