How to sync audio with animation (work around)

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    Im making this as a new topic cuz the one linked above cuz its a few months old and I wanted people to see this.

    I really wanted to do Frame by Frame animation and sync the audio with it, but there doesn't seem to be a direct way to do it in clip paint. I bought moho debut 12 and realized it doesn't come with traditional frame by frame animation.

    As a work around, and I mean real work around if you are desparate, you can setup the timeline to display in seconds. Id suggest listening to the audio on some media player that shows time into the audio and keep a separate time sheet of specific events in the audio that you want to animate. Just keyframe around those time stamps, and if you don't know what keyframe is, just draw the important images on those times you listed sorta like a story board. Fill in the frames in between these and keep cleaning it up.

    But for lipsync, might be easier just to do anime talk. Just write a range of time the characters will be talking and just make their mouths flap. That or write a super detailed time sheet. I know this is probably not what ya'll wanna hear but hopefully those who are willing to do this find it helpful.