Can someone please explain it...

  • @vilters Totally agree with what you say

  • This looks like a good place to post my question. Since it's about poser. I was a Daz user. For many years. But this new Daz 4.9 broke my computer. Took me hours to fix it. I have Poser 4 on my old computer, and it runs fine. But I want a newer version of Poser. Now any suggestions of what version I should buy would help me a lot. Thank you all, for your time.

  • @witchstorm
    If you want a similar render capability as Iray, you'll need Poser 11 as a minimum. Pro or stock I can't advise on, as I've only ever got the Pro version.

  • If you want to import DAZ items for characters other than the standard Poser native ones, I'd get Poser Pro 11 because you can rig almost anything to work in Poser and copy character morphs on the fly.