turning on 2D plane visibilty (at any rotational angle) within Poser

  • Hi,

    Could someone please point out how to make a 2D plane (e.g. picture frame) visible under any rotational angle. I do recall that there was a switch within poser that allowed this option to be turned on but just can't seem to remember where it was!

    Thank you for your help


  • If you mean being able to see the plane from the back, on the preview tab under render settings, uncheck remove backfacing polys.

    If you mean you want to see it when it's at a ninety-degree angle to the camera (like you're using the left or right camera.) with the plane selected display>object style> cartoon w/line. You won't see the image on it at this point but it will render normally. Wireframe, hidden line, lit wireframe, flat lined and smooth lined also work for this but may make it harder to see at other angles. There's also a new one in poser 11 but I can't remember what it's called.

  • redphantom,

    thank you for the reply.... and sorry about the delay in responding to your note...