Is there a poser animation trick to avoid this...

  • I do a lot of animation in after effects. With the keyframes there it is fairly easy to control what's going to happen on the in-betweens. Setting velocity of a movement, ease in or out, etc.

    In Poser I'll need a couple of moves to happen to keep the actor "alive". But adjusting one move always messes up the other move. Here's an example:


    I had a move like #1 which was originally from frame 1 to like frame 20-something. And this move had nice ease in and out curves like the green line. (At that point it would have actually been keyframes A and B but let's still call them B and C for clarity). Then I slid that move over to where I needed it which was later in the scene starting about frame 153. This put those keyframes to where B & C are in #2, and it created a new gap between keyframes A and B.

    But this move caused the animation between B&C to change. There is no longer an ease out from keyframe B. It also completely warped the animation between A & B causing this huge curve #3.

    If this isn't bad enough, now I have another problem in trying to fix it. If I try to tweak the curve in #3 by adding a keyframe and lowering it, it will also change the curve in #2. And if I try to tweak the curve in #2 it will tweak the curve in #3.

    As it often happens, when experimenting while writing out my question I figure out some things. So I have figured out that I can change A to linear or constant and it will return B-C to what it looked line in #1. But still in after effects on each keyframe you can deal with the interpolation IN and OUT of that keyframe. And here it seems like you only have one setting per keyframe.

    Are there any tricks to help prevent random weird stuff from happening? Like adding an extra keyframe before B and setting that one to linear? Or using animation layers to isolate each move on a separate layer? Any advice or links to quick tutorials is appreciated.

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    Copy the B key and paste to two frames close by.
    smoothed intro to interpolated motion

  • @badweasel said in Is there a poser animation trick to avoid this...:


    When I animate I use a mixture of curve types along the same key path.

    As an example, to fix A thru B to be the same value, move the timeline to A and then click on the linear button (orangish one)
    To get curve 1 in the place of curve 2 you can add two keys between B and C and adjust the curve.
    Add them a few frames beside and in between B and C, 4 or 5 from each usually works good.

  • Thanks everyone. Yeah I did something like that. I like a little kinetic movement (if that's what you call it) where movement overshoots a little. Which doesn't actualy work for this example above. But I did a combination of adding a keyframe like 2 frames before a move or 2 frames after a move. And using the orange (linear) interpolation leading up or trailing after.. depending on the scene. So like in this case above I would do a keyframe 2 frames before B and then set A to linear.

    Now again I have a new problem which I'm opening a new thread for.

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    If you don't mind that somewhat sharp corner at frame B, then you could toggle B's spline break.
    0_1493122964243_spline break f0015.PNG