Where could I find (or how could I make) simplified male/female figures?

  • I am looking for simplified male and female figures. I need the figures to render with transparency, allowing objects to be seen inside the figures as if they were made of glass. The eye and mouth cavities in the head make for a pretty weird effect even when I make eyes, teeth, tongue invisible. I would like to have all of that complexity removed as if the figures were mannikins. Further simplification of hands and feet, so that fingers and toes would be fused into one object, would also be desirable.

    Best would be to find such figures available free of course, but I would be willing to pay as well. Or perhaps there is a resource that would help me figure out how to take existing figures and modify them.

    If you're curious about what I'm trying to portray,

    with regular 2D drawings.

    Any help you can offer would be awesomely appreciated!!

  • @joeshirley have you tried looking in your figures library? There are low res figures that come pre-loaded with Poser.

  • Thanks @ghostship. Just checking my library, I see Poser Pro folder has a couple LowRes figures. Tried LowResMale and it has just as much complexity. Yes, low res, but still with eye, iris, cornea, lacrimal, gums, teeth, tongue, and the cavities they rest in. I need all that stuff gone, eyelids and lips closed as if seamless with the rest of the head.

    Other ideas? High res is fine, it's the object complexity that I need to reduce because with transparency you see it all rather than just what's visible on the surface.

  • @joeshirley OK. And does this figure need to be rigged for animation so the limbs and head can move?

  • It needs to be rigged for simple posing. I need a symmetrical, standing pose like the ones in my video, and that's about it.

  • Here's an example of something I'd like to render/animate in 3D, using Poser and possibly Maya or 3ds Max. The body doesn't have to move at all; the action is in what's happening inside.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Ah, @ghostship, I've found it. Looks like in the Poser Originals folder, the Poser 4 Lo has figures without the extra stuff in the head. They're pretty ugly, though. Maybe I can live with that, but would like to keep trying to find something both simple and more attractive if possible.

    In the meantime, though, this will help me work out some of the other problems. Thanks for saving me a bunch of time!

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    Let me show you an important trick. This works with FireFly or SuperFly.

    Take any figure, such as James Casual here. James has a ticking clock inside and a weird turbulent blob in his lower abdomen. (Well it will look that way when we render.) He has inner parts in his head. He has hands but no arms inside his sleeves. These things create problems with see-through materials ... unless we do one little trick.

    On the figure as a whole, turn off "Visible in Raytracing" in the Properties tab.


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    Now set all the figure's materials using a glass shader involving a proper Fresnel blended Reflect and Refract.

    Or - as I've done here, something a bit more complicated.


    The material doesn't matter so much but just make sure the see-through part is using Refract with a low IOR.

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    Now I render in FireFly and this is what I get.


    Notice how all the figure parts that are behind the front-most surface just disappear!! This is because the figure is visible to the camera, but invisible to its own ray traces, so you can't see any parts of the figure through the Refraction node.

    I suggest you use FireFly here as extreme realism is not important for illustrations like this and FireFly is faster and actually more capable of special effects than SuperFly.

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    Here's another variation.


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    You can edge-ghost the figure in any color, even black or dark gray.


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    In this shader the figure edges glow green and with the Refract IOR set to 1.00, there is no bending of light at all.


    This is a traditional "ghost" shader in Poser. I say traditional because there was a long thread about this from 10 years ago at RuntimeDNA but the whole site got deleted. Too bad because I had already answered 90% of all Poser questions there.

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    I bet you're going to ask how I did that blobby red thing inside.

    It's just a "Capsule" shape with this shader:


    Please note well that Poser displays parameters like displacement using your configurable Poser Display Unit, or PDU. My PDU is set to inches, but this is not the default value. Go into General Preferences and take note of and/or change your PDU. If you're NOT using PDU = inches, then you need to do math conversion from my displacement or bump units to your units. For example, my 1 inch in feet is 1/12 or .083333 feet.

    If your PDU is set to Poser Native Units (PNU) then the conversion of my values is you divide by 103.2.


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    One more effect - this time it's almost a cartoon outline. Also I opened James' mouth to demonstrate that the mouth inner parts are still there and will be drawn if you open the mouth.


  • Thank you so much @bagginsbill !! This gives me hope. I'm working on setting up things as you've described. Will check back to report on progress.

    Two questions:

    1. How to apply a shader to all the figure's materials in one fell swoop?

    2. Can you suggest a good tutorial on how to make "a glass shader involving a proper Fresnel blended Reflect and Refract"?

  • Skip the first question. Found the answer: Select all shaders, right-click, Apply to All. Ta-da!

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    @joeshirley said in Where could I find (or how could I make) simplified male/female figures?:

    1. Can you suggest a good tutorial on how to make "a glass shader involving a proper Fresnel blended Reflect and Refract"?

    Uh - all the shader screen shots above are doing that.

  • @bagginsbill Yes, of course. I thought since you had said you were doing something "a bit more complicated," I'd try to get the basics down first. For example, I came across a link to your The-Fresnel-Effect-Glass-Paint-Plastic-and-Metal tutorial in the runtimedna.com forum that's gone now. The first few posts in that thread were archived at the WayBack Machine, so that was intriguing. You mentioned a shader pack of metals you were putting together. Do you sell shader packs?

    (And by the way, I can't for the life of me figure out how to save a shader configuration.)