How to freeze the 3d-pose (camera angle)?

  • Is it possible to
    (0) freeze (not rasterize) the 3d-pose (camera setting), so I can
    (1) zoom in, rotate angle and edit a detail -- ie. the hand and
    (2) return to the former camera setting?

    If not in "Presets". Is there another way around to do this?

    Kind regards, Mikael


  • (0) freeze (not rasterize) the 3d-pose (camera setting)

    You can "Lock" it under the Tool Properties Allocation setting. That grays out the camera options on the model so you can't change them:


    (1) zoom in, rotate angle and edit a detail -- ie. the hand and

    You can switch to the magnifier tool and while zoomed in on the hand switch back to the object select tool to manipulate the hand (if that's what you mean by "rotate angle and edit a detail"). If you mean rotate camera angle on the model then "no" because the camera tools are locked. If you meant "rotate angle" of the model position in relation to the camera angle, then "yes" because the model position isn't locked, just the camera angle.

    (2) return to the former camera setting?

    Well, once you lock it you can't further manipulate the camera setting so there's no "return" to it, it wasn't changed.

    You can also get to those Allocate settings by clicking the wrench icon at the bottom of the Tool Properties panel. You'll notice there are also options to lock the model and lighting separately too.

    Not sure if that's what you're looking for though.

  • [SOLVED] -- Very nice, Thank you @OffWorld!

    --- for a thorough explanation of what's possible and what's not -- and a good idea to get close to what I want :)

    Intending to use a pose in a specific larger composition it is useful for me to "save" a specific camera setting, and adjust details accordingly without having to find the initial angle again. I understand that "saving" and "loading" a certain position that way -- is not possible.

    By combining the zoom-tool, you suggest, and then using the x,y,z-numbers and the "generic navigator (see image)" beneath the pose one can easily get back to the initial pose in question. Using the "generic navigator" makes everything much simpler.

    If further precision needed I'll save the three x,y,z-numbers in ie. notepad (or another open text editor) and then paste them back again upon editing.

    Thanks for your kind help!