Combine Figures Crashes Poser

  • I have M4 and when I try and do a combine figure with more than 1 thing onto the figure it causes Poser to crash (tried PoserPro2014 as well as Poser 11).

    I can add lots of clothes to the figure but it crashes when I try and combine the figures. So I thought I'd add each item 1 at a time and do a combine figure after each addition but it crashes after the first combine figure.

    Is there a log file I can see as to what the cause could be? I had a look at the windows log, crash code 0xc0000374 - Heap corruption

    Any ideas/suggestions?


  • @YummyVegetables When you say you "combine" the figures, do you you mean you "conform"?

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    Also how did you conform? Did you drag the item directly on top of M4 and drop it, or did you load it separately and then use the Figure/Conform To... menu and dialog?

    As for log files, I'm not aware of any that would be involved in conforming a figure. Moreover, heap corruption is the result of an outright bug that has scribbled over the data in memory. Even if it had a log of its internal steps, there is little chance it's going to detect and log such misbehavior.

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    I just conformed M4 Bodysuit to M4 no problem.
    I also conformed the Andy 2 mannequin to M4 which is silly but still no problem.

    You need to say more.

  • M4 as loaded in the TPose, with Funtime Shirt and Vest

    M4 (renamed to Michael5) after Combine Figure posed

    Combine figure using SR6 of Poser Pro 11

  • Obviously the previous post should have been Funtime Shirt and Pants (no vest).


  • They may indeed mean combine, as in make one figure. It's underneath the conform command in the figure menu.

  • @raven Yes, it removes "unseen" polygons so that the clothing is now the body parts they cover. A very effective way to reduce polygon count (and pokethrough since there is now no underlying geometry to poke through the clothing.)

    One should remember, however, to make all changes (desired textures, morphs, etc.) before combining figures as none of that will work after - the UV map of all items is changed with combine figure.

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    @raven said in Combine Figures Crashes Poser:

    They may indeed mean combine, as in make one figure. It's underneath the conform command in the figure menu.

    I did combine too, although in my posts I failed to use the word. It's all working fine for me.

    I'm wondering specifically about how the conform was done, though. Drag and drop of multiple items in one gesture actually runs a different bit of code, code which was changed since the UI was rewritten. So it does matter to know exactly all the steps, even if the last step is "combine".

    Need more info.

  • @bagginsbill Well, when I did combine, I used Drag and Drop for the clothing. It's just habit for me, as I never use load, then Conform To.

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    @Glitterati3D said in Combine Figures Crashes Poser:

    @bagginsbill Well, when I did combine, I used Drag and Drop for the clothing. It's just habit for me, as I never use load, then Conform To.

    Did you drag one clothing at a time, or multiple/all at once? How many?

    Different code in the two cases.

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    I also think it is important that the OP identify WHAT clothes were used. I completely think it matters if we're testing with one thing and he/she is trying with another.

    (I cannot infer gender from "YummyVegetables" but if I had to guess, I'd guess she.)

  • @bagginsbill Shift +Select the pieces, and then drag. 2 pieces - pants and shirt only.

    I agree it could well be the individual piece of clothing - may times complicated clothing/armor are modeled using unconventional methods.

  • Folks thanks for the replies.

    I drag and drop onto the figure. As I said I can add many items of clothing to the figure in Poser so from a poser point of view the clothes add just fine but I need to use the combine figure option as I want to export the end result figure (after reducing polygons) to my game engine.

    After many attempts the only way I got 3 pieces of clothes added and combined was by doing the following however I need to add more than 3 pieces of clothing and I need to repeat combinations many times so this is not a workable solution :

    1. add a piece of clothing
    2. do a combine figure
    3. save (because of crashes when I try the next piece of clothing)
    4. the combine creates a new figure and retains the old figure so I delete old figure
    5. repeat the above .... managed to repeat 2 more times before it always crashes.

    I never had any success if I tried to add more than 1 piece of clothing when I combined figures.

    The clothes Iam adding come from the napoleon battle of waterloo soldier series from Renderosity.

    I thought there might be some form of Poser log file that might shed some light, I looked at memory usage and other basic performance stuff and they all look fine.

  • @YummyVegetables

    You don't need to combine the figures at all. A more efficient workflow assuming you are always using the same figure and clothing items would be
    Add base figure
    Reduce Polygons
    For each clothing item
    Add clothing item and conform
    Reduce Polygons
    Select Base Figure
    In library Select Add (Choose "Whole Group") (This then becomes your base and can be reloaded time and again
    Export (Presumably to OBJ) Select all bodyparts of Base Figure and clothing items
    Repose your figure, export, repose your figure export...

    This also allows you to be more or less aggressive on poly reduction on each part rather than having a one size reduction