Using the Background for Lighting

  • I have seen more than a few people ask about this, and I figured I would show one way of doing it.

    Doing it this way has a few advantages, if you are limited with GPU memory.
    I have just over 1.5 gig to work with, so any tricks to lower memory usage allows me to add more things to the scene.

    I don't remember what build it was added, so you may need a fairly recent release for it to work.

    Ok, off we go.

    • Fire up Poser, and delete or hide everything in the scene.
    • Go to the material room, and switch to the background as the material you are editing.
    • Set it up like this, and then I will explain a few things you need to change that you can not see.

    node setup

    • You can use any HDRI map you have, but use the biggest jpg version of it versus the HDRI map.

    • Start with an outdoor map similar the Harbor one that you can find free on the internet.

    • Now you have to change at least one setting, or the image will be backwards.

    • Set the X Scale of the image to -1

    Scale Setting

    • The next setting is optional, and that is to rotate the image.
    • I believe the range is 0 to 3.14, but I could be wrong if it changes with Posers Unit preferences.
    • To rotate the image, change the Y Rotation accordingly.


    • Go back to the Pose room, switch to Hidden Line view and lower the focal length of the camera to about 30.
    • Add a figure to the scene, EzSkin 3 does really good skin for this if you want to use that.
    • Do a progressive render to it so you can see about where to add the fill light.
    • Add an Area light, point it at the figure and get it about 6 feet from the figure pointing the general direction the light in the map you used would come from. Leave the intensity of it at 100% and click Render.

    You should end up with a render that looks something like this.


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    Thanks you. I love you for this :kissing: