What site would my Poser6 serial number be stored on?

  • Okay, I've run into a weird problem. I know I used to have my Poser6 serial number registered at SOME site ages ago, back when Poser6 wasn't all that old. This was at least as far back as when Curious Labs still owned Poser. I got way sidetracked off into other activities over the years and hadn't touched Poser in a long time, and apparently Poser changed hands several times since then. I still have the serial number in the existing Poser6 install, but the only way I could get it over into a textfile for safekeeping was to screengrab the Poser6 About pane, then type it by hand from looking at that.

    Anyway, Content Paradise doesn't have it stored for my account there, and Renderocity doesn't either.

    I went to the License Manager page at Smith Micro, and it doesn't have any product keys stored for me either, and when I went to add my Poser6 registry key, it presented me with a drop down to select what program to register.... but only shows Poser10 or above, and some other unrelated programs. I plugged the Poser6 registry key into the License field, and tried manually entering Poser6 into the Name field (where the field itself says Freely typed label/name) below the dropdown, then hit the Create button and.... nothing useful happened, it didn't store the info.

    Am I missing something?

  • @nomadofnorad Yeah, Poser 6 is REALLY old.

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    You should be able to open the About window and drag-select the serial and copy/paste it to a text file. Copy that to an external hard drive or two. Maybe copy it onto a flash drive or two also.

    P6 was my first Poser version. :-) My PC was a HyperThreaded single-core Pentium, 32bit WinXP, with 4GB and a 768MB GeForce 5600 video card.
    P6 will only render single-threaded (one bucket at a time) and is limited to modest scenes because it is only 32bit capable.

    You would see a major performance and capability improvement with a multi-core 64bit Win7Pro (or later) machine and P11 (or P11Pro). P11 can use as much RAM as you have, allowing for huge scenes. It will also render using all available processor cores.