How to stop program auto-selecting guide layer and turning guide snap on when making new guide?

  • I make use of guides on all of my projects, dragging them in and out of my scene just to make sure im making something symmetrical or as close too as is reasonable, vanishing points etc. But every time I drag in a new guide line, it auto-selects the guide layer, automatically turns on snap to guide, and is otherwise the number 1 most damaging and frustrating thing for my workflow with this program.

    I think it's honestly the reason I didn't upgrade to EX when it was on sale :') Might seem like an odd complaint for some, but im using them every 20 seconds - 60 seconds, and stopping that often to re- select whatever layer im working on and turn off snaps really breaks my focus.

    Please tell me I can make it stop doing that :L

  • If you go to the Sub Tool Detail Palette of the guide tool you're using, you can turn off Able to Snap under Corrections. You can also turn on Create At Editing Layer to avoid creating a new Guide Layer. Creating new guides on the editing layer might be a little much if you're making new guides every 20 seconds though. The ruler layer on the editing layer will become so full of rulers it will become useless fast.

  • Thankyou for the help! Still having a few issues though, I draw in my vertical / horizontal guides / rulers by turning on the canvas ruler under View -> Ruler and drag from the rulers where i want them on the page. I cant seem to access the settings of THAT set of rulers/guides anywhere.

    I tried to just make a new sub tool of ruler as a workaround and turn off the Able To Snap feature, but they all turn on Snap To Ruler regardless of whether i have it checked or not.

    If its worth anything - 64-bit Version 1.5.4 (PRO)

  • I don't think there's any way to edit the behaviour of the ruler guides that are dragged off the ruler. They will create a single Guide layer and every time you drag off the ruler it will be added to that layer. The only suggestion I can think of is to use shortcut keystrokes. Drag the Guide layer above your editing layer then use Alt+[ to drop back down to your editing layer when you create a new guide. Use Ctrl+2 to unsnap. Or make it an action recording Alt+[ and Ctrl+2 and assign a single shortcut to that action.

  • I DO have a spare button on my tablet I can assign that button combination too, decent compromise for now, thanks again!

    Would LOVE to be able to edit those settings if anyone ever comes across a way in the distant future.