MS5 Intuos Comic Question.

  • I hate to ask this here, but Wacom does not seem to have a proper users forum anywhere. and the Intuos Comic comes with a License for Clip Studio Paint/MS5

    I have the tablet up but when I bring the pen close to the tablet or draw a line, the screen cursor is huge relative to my actual brush size. Now it lays the line down propers, but even if Im working with like .5mm pencil the cursor is like the size of my Thumb Print.

    I am hoping someone else who purchased this bundle has figured out this problem, it really is a deal breaker for me; how can I possibly do fine work, then the brush tip is somewhere near the center of that Huge Circle.

    I expect there must be a setting Im missing that will allow me to match the circle to brush Size. If their is a page ref, or UTube that would explain how to correct this please provide.

    Anyhow Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts.


  • In CSP go to File>Preferences. I can't remember which category has the cursor tip options but you can change the cursor tip to a tiny dot from there.

  • @garlam Will look at that, ty much Garlam. : ) Tom

  • @Garlam TY for your time and reply, seems not to be the problem though; all my preferences are set to Brush Size, and those work perfectly well with my Huion, changing to like a dot helps a little, for lines but does not seem to work with tones.

    And chaning Brush size changes the size of the cursor circle, but the brush remains about 1/5 the size. so a 1mm brush produces a 10mm circle. and a 10mm brush like a 50 mm circle. Its got to be some setting in the WACOM preferences or Driver I've yet to find. Its quite nuts really; but it would be so much nicer to have a wireless tablet if I can only get this to work. BB