How to object outline render through other textures...

  • I was using Pauline for the first time and I noticed when I turn on the face control handles they show through other objects. here is an example...

    0_1493807959987_Screen Shot 1.png

    Here you can clearly see the controls through the hair. In fact if you rotate the character you can see the handles from any angle...

    This got me thinking. I want to create geometry eyebrows that will do the same thing. In animation you can always see the eyebrows under the hair as it allows for character expression to show better.

    I read through the character file I saved and tried to duplicate it on an A4 character using the brow mask (for testing until I get a custom eyebrow).

    in Pauline face control props the DisplayMode was set to EDGESONLY so it sows outline and there is a customMaterial which I copied exactly. The only other parameter which I am not sure about is backfaceBehavior which is not described in the "Secrets of Figure Creation with Poser 5". The only book I know that has all the parameters at least up to that version. Anyway I set the parameter the same on A4. Here is what I got:

    0_1493808665857_Screen Shot 2.png

    You can set the brow mask is in outline mode but it is hidden behind the hair.

    Does anyone know how those control handles are done to allow them to show through anything?

  • p.s. it only needs to work in preview render which is how I render most all of my characters.