3d scan into Poser.

  • Hello, I d like to create animation for character. But I need a character to be look like a real person, so I have a 3d scan of him. Created with Artec Studio software if necessary. I feel that next step should be attaching skeleton in poser used to animate characters to my custom one, but i don't understand how. Maybe anyone can help me?

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    I see that Artec Studio has a link to Blender.

    From Blender you should be able to export a wavefront obj file.
    With that obj file imported in Poser, you can create the rigging in the setup room and then save out the cr2.

    Video 1 (to export the obj from Blender) and Video 4 (to replace the Poser split into vertex groups obj file back with the good one), on my YouTube channel might be of use.

    And one of these days I am going to upload a Video on how to create vertex groups in Blender and maintain obj file quality.

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  • I'm afraid it most probably won't be that easy. A 3d scan is way, way to high poly to be simply rigged. You don't want a model consisting of more than a million polygons, which usually don't even bend well.

    The usual way would be either to do a retopology and project the high-poly scan data onto the model as a normal map. That would create a model which can be rigged and used in Poser.

    Another way would be to morph a rigged model really close to the scan and again make a normal map from your high-poly data.

    I guess you can do this with Blender and XNormal, my way to do it would be ZBrush. But more important than the tool is to have someone who knows what he's doing.

    If the figure will be animated, it would be great to have scans from dfferent expressions as well. They can be included as morphs , but again in the animatable low poly mesh.

    Then you will need the nessesary textures for the model.

    It would be helpfull to know what do you want to do with the model afterwards. Is it for animation? For stills? Do you just need the face to be scanned or the whole body?

  • Retopo:

    Making normal maps:

  • Thank you guys.