Vector Layer clean

  • Hello guys. I watched this video

    and i can't understand how he can do that ? i mean the vector layer is so clean. I can only do it with the shapes but not with pen and freehanded tools. When i zoom in it looks like the raster layer

  • He will probably have done that at a very high pixel resolution (1200 dpi)

  • @888toto if you see at the title bar, he works in 300dpi

  • In Preference>Canvas did you choose "High quality" in Display quality?

  • He's working at 12 inches by 9 inches at 300 ppi (not really high resolution but a large-ish canvas). In CSP, you can't zoom in on a vector "infinitely" the way you can with Illustrator. CSP gives you the drawn line at the resolution of the canvas (so it's not lying to you the way Illustrator does). What the presenter is doing is using a brush with a (looks like) fairly weak anti-aliasing (a G Pen). He draws very small on each layer type (Raster and Vector) in the same pen. Both lines at this point have the same stairstepping pixilation if you zoom all the way in real tight. Then he scales both lines up quite a lot. The raster line becomes grossly pixelated because it's a Raster line (the anti-aliased pixels are getting bigger too - or to put it another way; pixels are being added to the anti-aliased pixels) but the Vector line remains clean. The anti-aliased pixels in the Vector are not growing (no pixels are being added to them to make them bigger) with the scaling but the line remains anti-aliased (it maintains the original anti-aliasing) and is still stairstepped if you zoom in. real tight.