3D poses: Is "long shadows" possible?

  • Is there any way to change light source direction in 3d? As far as it seems one can only get shadows formed in zenith meaning light above. Is "long shadows" possible?

    I've tried to rotate the pose vs. plane to achieve the effect but its not very easy.

    Or have I missed a point in the interface?


  • I think the only thing you can do with the shadow is turn it on or off. The "Apply Lighting Effects" or the Allocate --> Ambient Lighting, Parallel Lighting 1, and Parallel Lighting 2 affect shadows cast onto the model, but not the shadow cast by the model. Which seems weird to me, unless as you say, we're both missing seeing it in the interface.

  • Thanks @OffWorld
    I'm glad glad to read your confirmation. Now I don’t have to investigate further :)

    Also I was puzzled by the optional light/shadow direction — limited to the very object itself — but not the plane beneath. Thus there’s no need to look for this anymore.
    Kind regards, Mikael