Interactive HTML5 Buttons would like to some more tutorials

  • Hi there R D Ricci I liked your tutorial, although I wish you had spoken in English and described what you were doing.
    I am new to Motion Artist and also computer graphics, I am learning Clip Studio Paint Ex.
    I take it that you create the buttons which are given HTML5 script which activites them
    I am trying to create an interactive graphic e-book which could also be on dvd.
    I would like to see a tutorial showing how I can put in a number of HTML5 buttons that could be pressed in any order to open up different pages, like a menu of a web site ,so I could go from say page 3 and then go to page 11 and then to page 5.

  • There is a Motion Artist HTML5 tutorial which pretty much covers your question:

  • Hi janocli thanks for your quick responce
    I have watched this tutorial a number of times. He shows HTML5 script and script that he has written for this piece.

    In the Reference Manual Chapter 11 HTML5 EXPORT and INTERACTIVITY starting at page 34.... Am I right in thinking that the code is already inbeded in the program and that we don't need to learn how to write HTML5 code, because it's already in there. So we just have to create the tabs i.e. Go to Page 4 , or go to Page 8 and drop them in at the appropriate place in the time line ? That implies a vertical time line right as opposed to your excellent horizontal " Beware of the Black Cat " tutorial. Both tutorials are great, but I am the person who wrote that I found the focus a bit soft in the comments box below " The Rise of Motion Artist tutorial ( I was trying to read the HTML5 script ). Exciting stuff !