Firefly: Label on clear glass bottle?

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    Good point ... but as you said, would it effect what I'm trying to do? At least in weave scale. I've done it without the weave background and still have interesting problems. Like the orange ... and I did reduce the displacement by .001. Still rather than have a transparent glass I have black and orange backgrounds. Would this be corrected by changing values?

    0_1494370430377_2017-05-09 (5).png

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    Displacement value (among others) will need to change greatly depending on which units you are using. I'm using Poser native units.

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    @raven You nailed it!! it was the values! I still have to play with those. but I think this is much closer!!
    0_1494371276180_2017-05-09 (6).png

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    I see black glass - use at least 8 raytrace bounces and see if that changes.

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    @seachnasaigh Looks like we cross posted. Yes ... this seems to fix it ... I do need to play witht he numbers as the refraction is a bit extreme. But I have a great start thanks to all of you.

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    Ok!! this worked!! Wow. Thank you!! (pay no mind to the reflection on the side ... that's part of the original piece I was working on).


  • @Boni Just for the record (since other folks have already given the answers you needed) there were three problems I noticed on your original implementation of that shader:
    1 - Your 'Math_Functions' node (to the left of your 'Diffuse_3' should be an 'Abs', not an 'Add' - that's why you're getting the wrong side of the label.
    2 - My display units are inches but my glass jar was the same height as Andy, about 6 feet high, so a 0.1" displacement was good for me. You need a much smaller displacement - that's why your label's so lumpy.
    3 - The red glass in the render indicates you're running out of raytrace bounces on a refract, and since the wholesurface, except the label, is red (not green near the sides) I'd guess you didn't have raytracing enabled at all.

  • @seachnasaigh If it's running out of raytrace bounces you'll see either red or green, not black. The vivid reflect/refract background colours are specifically to indicate that. :o)

  • @Boni Changing the value of Index_Of_Refraction on the Fresnel_Blend and Refract nodes to 0.0154 is completely wrong!
    Index of refraction is dimensionless (i.e. no units) - it's just a ratio. Glass is around 1.5 to 1.6 -
    If my maths is correct you'd get an IOR of 0.0154 going from a material with IOR of 65.0 (1/0.0154 - I doubt that any such material exists) to air.
    And I've absolutely no idea why it seems to render okay with that IOR !? :oS

  • @Boni It looks as if your model is a solid cylinder rather than a bottle/glass which would have a distinct (and visible via refraction) glass thickness ? Also the thin green vertical lines on the bottom left and middle right side indicate that you're still running out of raytrace bounces on a reflect node at those points.

    P.S. I did try to attach an MT5 when I posted the originalscreenshot of the shader, but I don't have enough kudos (or whatever they callit) at this site.

  • @3dcheapskate I think all you need is 10 rep to upload pictures but I'm unsure if anyone can upload files.

  • @ghostship You may be right - it's actually 'priveleges' that I don't have enough of. Priveleges may be an admin/mod thing rather than a kudos/rep/browniepoints type thingy.


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    I used the open (hollow) cylinder ... specifically to emulate a bottle. It does have an interior surface. I am studying what everyone has written so I can more fully understand the logic of all of this. I find this a great learning opportunity. Thank you so much ... I will keep you all in the process so others can learn too.

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    @Boni: a caveat: These Firefly glass materials are cheats, and one which works well for your "skinned mesh" bottle may not work on a mesh with glass "thickness".

    Also, curvy bottles may behave differently. Further, using a liquid mesh inside the bottle may require yet another solution.

  • @seachnasaigh Liquid inside a bottle does indeed require more thought, and that reminded me - the glass shader I used is taken directly from BB's Glass of Beer . If I recall correctly part of the inside of the glass mesh is a separate 'glass/beer interface' material zone with appropriate glass-to-beer IOR.

    The shader seems to work well on everything I've tried, including both solid and hollow curvy objects. Here it is (with the basic label) applied to the P9 cylinder, P9 open cylinder, Andy, and AllenArts floral teapot ( ).


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    @3dcheapskate Alas, I would need to build a different shader as this is going to be a commercial product when it is done. I don't want to "steal" a bb shader as my own. I'm going over these posts and adjusting accordingly. I'll post my results when I am ready. Again thank you everyone.

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    I'm getting closer ... but lost ... where to fix the weave on the back ... I like that effect.


  • Re BB's shader - PM him. I don't think there's a problem using shader networks that he's published on forums (and I'm fairly sure that this glass was on a forum before, Renderosity I think) in a commercial product.

    Caveat: there are one or two specific shaders that he specifically prohibits, but this isn't one of them.

  • @Boni As far as I can see the back/front label nodes on yours are now identical to mine,so they should work, so it's possible that something's been 'fixed' in Poser 11 Firefly that prevents quinlor's stuff from working.
    1 - If you render from the other side (i.e. looking through the glass) do you see the weave or the label image?
    2 - Are the normals on your model correct (since it's the Poser Open cylinder I'd guess they are)? If the surface with the label material has its normal facing away from the camera you'd see the back of the label

  • N.B. Any image that's seen through refraction (e.g. backdrop, back of label) seems to be badly blurred unless the filtering on the Image_Map node in question is set to 'None') -