Cannot write in japanese

  • Hi,
    i cannot write in japanese in my clip studio paint pro anymore and I have no idea why.
    I can write in japanese in open office, paint, paint.NET but not on clip studio. It shows me only blank squares. It worked fine in the previous version!

    Can you help me out?

    My version: 1.6.2
    Windows 10

  • Are you using IME?

  • Hi,

    I checked it and IME is active.

  • Are you using a Japanese Keyboard? What is your input method?

  • @garlam Hi, im using a german keyboard. Mostly I copy&paste japanese textes and words from websites/open office documents etc. It worked well. But now it dont works anymore.

  • Whichever font you have selected in your font list must have Japanese characters or you will end up with squares. Every character of text you see is assigned a code and that code corresponds to a key or combination of keys on your keyboard. Not all fonts have Japanese characters. Try using Microsoft JhengHei when you copy and paste and you should get better results.

  • @garlam I see this is the solution of the problem. Some fonts dont support japanese characters anymore (with the new update? idk). I dont understand why common fonts like Arial or Tahoma dont support it. Word documents dont have this problem. I can paste japanese textes and characters in ARIAL and other common fonts. Well thank you for solve this problem.

  • I might be wrong, but I am pretty sure when you add Japanese using a font like Arial or Tahoma, it always sets the Japanese into a default Japanese font. So if you are typing away in english, then start typing in Japanese, the font does not look like it changes, but the Japanese will actually be in a different font.
    I think this is how word would handle it. But it is not working in clip studio for me either. I have to choose a Japanese font for the Kanji to show.