How to make props unselectable in the viewport?

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    So here's a screenshot (over simplified but still).
    As you can see, I've got a box prop, it's parented to the chest bone. I really want a way that, the box can still be visible, but poser will completely ignore its presence when choosing what to select in the viewport. It is still possible to select the chest bone, but it can take a while, and I was just wondering if there was a quick (ish) workaround to this.
    Using Poser 11

  • You can't ASAIK stop the box from being selected, but as you are using P11 hover you mouse over roughly where the chest bone is, right click and from the pop-up menu select "select" that should list the box, the chest bone and maybe other things behind, simply click "chest Bone"

    Hope that helps

  • Just click Window>Hierarchy Window and select the chest bone there.


    on the Figure Dropdown menu, Select Body Parts>Chest from the list there.

  • You can make the roll over ignore anything in Poser.

    To do the Box, make a copy of the Prop in explorer.
    Name it Box UI Hidden for example.

    Edit the file.
    Change Hidden to 1 and addToMenu to 0
    Save the file
    Load it into Poser and once you select something else, it wont highlight when you mouse over it.

    0_1494462245161_UI Hide.jpg

    You can do this with any section in a Poser File, props, figures, etc.
    This will remove it from the pull down menus as well.
    It will still be in right click and the Hierarchy Window.