OT: (ADVICE) Selling Own Art For Prints

  • Hello folks,

    I'm asking this here because you're a lovely and knowledgeable bunch, and most of my work is produced from 3D scenes and characters. It's a little off-topic, but I hope you understand.

    I have sorted out quite a few pieces I'd like to sell to a company to print and sell for me. I've tried a few sites for selling my work in printed form, but I've not sold a single thing... I even tried to buy a couple of mugs with my own pieces on over at DA, and couldn't even do that! No idea what's taking them so long to get back to me about it!

    My main question is in relation to copyright. So, would it be a good idea to type up a contract or something, entitling them to making a limited number of copies, then, should that number be reached, begin a new contract, or should I do it for a limited time period? What I don't want is to have something go wrong and lose the rights to my work, along with the money I ought to be receiving for them. My thinking is that if there is a recurring contract and something goes wrong, I would only lose a small amount of money, then be able to go somewhere else.

    Secondly, what do I ask for; a percentage of each sale? A flat fee for each image? A flat fee for each copy made?

    Finally, can anyone advise on the best image sizes for certain 'A' print sizes, please? Such as A0, A1, A2 etc...

    I'm new to this side of the fun, so any advice would be appreciated immensely. Thank you!

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    @Glen85 I never sell one of my Artworks ,(or put them online for sale) so I can not tell you how much other artists usually sell.
    But what I can tell you for sure, this is a very hard way as I could see it on the Social Media sites with other artists.
    One of my fav. 2D artist as example, switched to book covers. She is now making her art available as bookcovers, DVD covers or Movie Poster . She has her own shop online and invest a lot of time in advertising and promoting her artwork on FB, Twitter, Google + etc..
    Print size should be 300dpi , 3600 x 2400 and up. Depends if Portrait, Landscape,(My own experience from Posters I made for my self.)

  • Ok, thank you. They've asked me how I can prove I own the copyrights... hmmm...

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    @Glen85 Maybe with a screenshot from your render on Poser or DS?

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    Following on Ladonna's idea, maybe a screenshot of wireframe preview in Poser? That would show that you have the geometry which produced the finished image.

    Someone who snagged a picture from the internet would not have the geometry.

  • You could also register a copyright. Then you can show them that. (yeah, I know that costs money.)

  • Yes, I figured that would be the only way really, without spending money. The thing is, many of my pieces look totally different after rendering, so would they just disbelieve me? Well, I'm not all that fussed really, they don't seem to be that bothered with me, as I still haven't heard back from them.

  • @Glen85
    The best way is to register them/it .
    I do it on everything i create and has been used from take downs to just proving its mine for other reasons like selling art.