Reshaping outline of eyes with Morphing Tool

  • I have a long-held desire to change shape of V4 eyes as follows,
    which cannot be done with existing parameter dials.

    At first, I exported head of V4 as Wavefront OBJ file, and tried to edit it
    on a modeling software.
    However, if I try to move mesh points one by one, I have to move a lot
    of points, and in addition, existence of plates which contain eyelash bothers
    selecting points beneath it.

    So, I wonder if it's possible to change the shape by Poser Morhing Tool.
    Although I often use it to change figure's surface by Push/Pull, this time,
    move of points is along surface, i.e. almost perpendicular to the normal.

    Once I tried use of "Screen" mode, i.e. slanting the head such that surface
    of the polygons around eyes are almost normal to the screen, then do morphing.
    But moving the mouse on a surface which is largely slant (almost perpendicular
    to the screen) is not easy.

    Is there any tricky way to change the shape?

  • P.S. This is the change I've been trying.


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    Hello and welcome.
    You might like this video tutorial I put on my YouTube channel.
    Poser2Blender2Poser : The correct import-export settings](


    And use Blenders tools to create your morph.
    You can morph by vertex, by edge, by polygon and use proportional editing to get the job done faster. (or use select by rows

    It is not a Blender tutorial (there are many of those) but this covers mainly the correct obj file import and export settings between both apps.

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    What I would do is select the rows of polygons in the eyelids, and do a scale in Z to start with. I would not use proportional editing as the eyes and cornea are very close.

  • @vilters You can use proportional editing for only connected verts, that way the eye lids can be morphed without affecting any non connected surfaces

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    For FULL Body detailing work you can use the second video in the series on how to detail all Poser meshes.

    @amethypendant : I know but let us keep it simple because the OP did not state what external 3D app was used and let's keep it easy to reproduce without digging too deep into Benders possibilities .

  • Thanks for suggestions.
    Actually, I had tried Blender's Proportional Editing as per "Poser2Blender2Poser"
    video to modify V4's head OBJ, but had a problem as below.

    At first, I thought the problem was some kind of bad chemistry between Poser and Blender.
    Then, I used another modeling program which also had a function like
    Proportional Editing, but had the same pattern of the problem.

    Since I have not tried to edit full body OBJ of V4, I will try it.

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    Hi, I looked at your screengrabs at Renderosity
    The answer is a simple one: The head you exported from Poser was not symmetrical at export.

    Did you uncheck all IK first ?
    Then clicked on ZERO FIGURE before exporting the head?

    Blenders symmetry function needs a symmetrical obj to start with.
    When the head is out of symmetry? You get the result you showed.

    Before starting to create a morph in Blender? Always check that your mesh is symmetrical.
    Bottom row => Mesh => Snap to Symmetry
    In the middle of the TOP row you can see how many verts are out os symmetry.

    The only "cure" is to re-export from Poser with the figure at its "true zero.
    All Ik removed and figure set to ZERO FIGURE => Then export the vertex group.

    Once you exported a non symmetrical head? There is NO repair possible because you would export a non symmetrical head, repair it in Blender, and then export it as a morph target into a non-symmetrical figure in Poser shifting the complete head over to one side (or up-down, or forwards-backwards.

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    Euh, in your last screengrab I see things exported that do not belong to the head.
    See further comments at rendero.

  • And there is also the morph brush.

    A tablet with pressure-sensitie pen makes it a joy to work with.
    No export and no hassle.

  • @golgo17 forgive my ignorance but can't you just use the expression morph EyeLidBottomUp-DownL/R? 0_1494525502297_Bottom lids.jpg

  • vilters
    Actually, head Obj was exported just after V4 was loaded into the scene, and V4 does not have IK at that state.
    I will try FBM.

    That's very close to my desired shape.
    Which options did you use to move points parallel to the surface?

    Thank you for the hint.
    That's close to my objective, but I want to lower down outer edge points too...

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    OK, but V4 does not load at her true zero.
    That is why I always say for ALL figures : Remove all IK and ZERO the figure before exporting individual groups.

    For an export-import the figure has to be in its original obj file state.
    No IK, no Morphs, no poses.

    Good luck with your project.

  • @golgo17
    I used just plain front view. The skin is almost vertical in way.
    I used 'pull' and 'rotate' on the face.
    Working slowly with low brush magnitude settings. Most important do not restrict to current morphs.