Question on changing "change brush cursor size" shortcut

  • To ease my work flow, I'm trying to reassign a bunch of common shortcuts to a wireless numberpad. Most of this has gone well. However, I can't seem to find a way to assign the "change brush cursor size" shortcut to a numpad key. It seems that this shortcut is only available under the "modifier key settings". Although some of the options under "modifier key settings" such as the eye dropper tool, etc. can be assigned with numpad keys through the "shortcut settings".

  • If you mean Change Brush size ..then its in the shortcut settings in the setting Area "Option" under Tool Property Palette brush size.... or under Brush Size Palette you can have a shortcut to step up and down through the presets

    If you mean that way to set the brush into a mode that you can change the brush size by stroking the pen right or left.... I think that is only a modifier key option

    With all these the size of the cursor will change if in your preferences the cursor is set to "Brush Size". I am not aware of any way in CSP to change the size of the other types of cursor

    I too put all my shortcuts onto a numeric pad . But I use the WACOM keys for modifier keys.

  • Thanks you for the response. Yes, I was trying to map the ctrl+alt drag and resize option to the numberpad but couldn't find an option beside using modifier keys. I even used autohotkey to emulate ctrl+alt, but there seems to be issues with the wireless numpad (wired works fine).

  • If you also have a conventional mouse at hand you could assign the brush size change to the mouse middle click ( i.e. holding down the wheel.... which is probably not assigned for anything) .... or you can get "Gamers" numeric pads which have Shift ALT and CTRL keys.... but all the ones that I have seen or a bit big and flashy.

  • Thanks again. My goal is to have a wireless option for my left hand to use at a desktop station as well as with a tablet computer like the surface pro. That's why I thought a wireless numbpad would be ideal. I've done similar setups using a gamepad with remapping software, but they aren't quite as comfortable with one hand (although the ps4 controller is not bad). I've looked into gaming keypads as well as left handed moba mice, but haven't found a suitable wireless option.

  • For now, short of having the keyboard there, my short term solution is one of the following:

    1. I downloaded antimicro, a program that allows to assign keyboard and mouse inputs to gamepads. Have reprogrammed a ps4 controller, which has some nice options with the dpad and triggers.
    2. There are a number of free key remapping programs, but they all rewrite the registry and i feel a bit paranoid for now. Maybe i'll take a second look at those options if the current options don't work.

  • Alright, just thought I'd follow up with my current solution.
    Antimicro is a great program to rebind key settings to a gamepad. You can assign multiple inputs (e.g., ctrl+alt) to one of the buttons. Works with gamepads like the xbox one and ps4 controllers, which are bluetooth.
    It also works with those cheap bluetooth gamepads that have been cropping up. I have a couple, but decided to get the following one. It is a different shape, has a ring like holder, 4 face buttons, analog stick (this sucks), and two triggers.
    The triggers are nice as antimicro also has a "shift" function which allows you to alter what other buttons do. So, even with just 4 face buttons, I can use the "shift" function to assign multiple outputs on a given button.

    here's a link to the bluetooth controller.