No subdivide for TerraDome2 ?

  • Hello people

    When I render in superfly I get this hard shadows in Terradome2. To avoid this hard shadows the solution is to encrease the subdivision of an object. But that seams not possible in Terradome A- or B-zone.


    The subdivision is deactivated. Is there an other solution to solve this issue?

  • With the Terrradome body selected, and go to Menu-Figure-Skinning Method and choose Poser Unimesh. You will now be able to subdivide the Terradome as a whole, or select the part you want and enable the 'Subdivide separately from figure' option.

  • @raven Thank you very much :-)

  • @raven The problem is, as soon I do this, the lights doesn't work anymore. very strange...?

  • @joker Are the lights no longer there or are they much brighter?

  • I loaded the 'DesertScene 01' from the scenes folder and rendered for a baseline.


    I then set the Terradome2 figure to Poser Unimesh and rendered. The light did indeed drop dramatically.


    What I did then was select the Skydome part and set it to subdivide separately from figure and set it to subdivide level 2 (I also separately subdivided the AZone to level 2 for the smooth shadows). The lighting was back to normal. Hope that helps.


  • @raven the lights are not getting darker. The terror dome probably has displacement and the increase in polys has increased the displacement resolution thereby increasing the roughness factor too much on the materials making it dull and not reflect as much light back. try decreasing bump and/or displacement.

  • @ghostship There should no subdivision being applied to to the Terradome in the second picture. All that has happened to it is the skinning method has changed. No render subdividing was applied to the Terradome until the 3rd picture.
    Here's the Terradome with traditional skinning:


    Here it is with just unimesh skinning. Print info gives the same info on both yet there is clearly a darkening effect on parts of the scene which I've highlighted in yellow.


  • @raven Thank you. That was the solution. As soon I select the Skydome part and set it to subdivide separately from figure the lights are back :-)