Exporting High Quality Images

  • I'd like to know how you guys go about exporting images with CSP at the highest possible quality. For me, I export it as a full size, single layer PNG, then I open that PNG in CSP, shrink it down via image resolution controls, then export it again. I don't change the size when exporting, and I don't know what the difference is between fast and prefer quality. When I do export it, the image tends to come out a tad pixelated or fuzzy rather than looking as smooth as it does in CSP. Is there any way to export it at a higher quality to keep it looking sharp?

  • The resolution of the image really only matters when printing; it has no real effect on the size of the image on screen. For example, an image that is 600X800px will fill an area that is 600 by 800 pixels on a monitor. The width and height of an image in pixels is known as the pixel dimensions and it's all that matters on screen. You can set your resolution to whatever you like but it won't effect the pixel dimensions. When you set a resolution of 300ppi the printer is being told how many pixels of the image will fit into one inch. In our example above, a 600X800px image set to 300ppi will be printed at 2X2.7 inches. Lower the resolution to 72ppi and the same image will print at 8.3X11inches (and it will look much more fuzzy than the higher resolution printing). But on screen, it will remain 600X800px.

    When you say that you don't change the size of the image when exporting but "shrink" the image down via image resolution controls you must mean that your canvas size in inches remains the same but you are lowering the image resolution - which means you are changing your pixel dimensions or on screen size.

    Let's say your image begins at 6X9 inches at 300 ppi. 6x300=1800 pixels. And 9x300=2700 pixels. Your image's original pixel dimension is 1800X2700px. Now keep the size the same and lower the resolution. 6X9inches at 72 ppi. 6x72=432. And 9x72=648. Your image's new pixel dimension becomes 432X648px. By keeping the size in inches the same and lowering the resolution, you've changed the on screen size (as well as lowered the resolution at print).

    If you want the highest quality image when exporting, determine how the image will be viewed. On screen or in print. On screen is variable; meaning monitors are not standard. Anything around the 800px range should be fine. In print, 300 ppi at print size is pretty standard for color art. You can go higher for black and white line art.

  • When I say I change the size via image resolution, what I meant to say was I go into Edit > Change Image Resolution, which also contains the option to change the width and height. I don't touch the resolution, I just lower the width and height to the desired size, shrinking both the image and the canvas. Then when I export it, I do it at 100% the current size, without adjusting it in the export settings.

  • If exporting for the web, when you shrink the image using Change Image Resolution, switch the units of measurements to px and change the pixel dimensions size of the image to a screen size that you find optimal. Not all monitors are the same size but I believe that 1366×768 is the most popular screen resolution. Apple's retina displays are higher, the 5K is 5120×2880 but the normal retina displays are in the 2560×1600 range.