Zip File download

  • I purchased a character from content paradise and downloaded 3 zip files for it and now I having issues adding it to my library. Can anyone provide set by step how to properly do it? Thank you!

  • @danjadesigns what did you buy? That would help me figure out what goes where.

  • @ghostship Glitter Bug V4A4 from Content Paradise. The download consists of 3 zip files. I am using Poser11

  • First check that the zip files are structured correctly for automatic installation. In windows just double click on the file and it should open. If one of the first folders is called runtime you can use the poser install process. In the file menu in poser select install from zip archive and an explorer window will open, navigate to the zip file and click ok. Poser will then give you a choice of libraries to load the content to, select one, not poser 11 library, downloads is the default so use this if you have not added any other libraries and the zip file will load. Repeat for each zip file.
    If runtime was not one of the first folders in the zip file, manual unzip it and copy and paste the run time to the folder with you library, if you used the default locations for poser installation this will be in public documents/poser 11/downloads and the runtime you have copied will merge with the runtime in downloads, and your content will load.
    But you are best to add a new library for the content so that you can better organise it.
    To do this create a folder ANYNAME and in this folder create a folder called runtime. This should be in public documents or somewhere that poser has write permission. Click on the add library button on the top right hand corner of the library panel, navigate to the runtime folder you have created and click ok, the library will now have been created and you can add content to it by either method explained above.
    Hope this helps.