Getting the same results in SuperFly without using Branched Path Tracing?

  • I'm currently rendering out an animation as images, I've already rendered 39 frames and I have 321 more to go but it's taking forever to render out using my CPU (3 hours a frame). I didn't realize it was be this damn slow and unfortunately BPT crashes my geforce drivers so I can't take advantage of CUDA. I've tried turning off BPT but the image looks much grainier and I just can't figure out how to get the image to look as it does with BPT on.

    I'd should probably post my render settings, but really all I care about and what I want to know is if it's possible to match the output of BPT and BPT off, the animation needs to be seamless between the two render options. If it's not, then I might as well start all freaking over again with BPT off and render 40 frames in the time it takes my CPU to render 1.


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    BPT uses a different algorithm as the traditional (non BPT) rendering, so there might be a difference, although it should look pretty similar.
    The sample setting needs to be much higher for traditional (usually 20 or higher)- you may also need to increase some of the other settings depending on what the scene contains (such as max transparency of multi layered hair is used)
    Remember also that - in general - for CPU rendering a bucket size of 32 gives the best performance and for GPU rendering a bucket size of 256 or higher.

  • We've gone into this a couple of times here and the conclusion has something to do something with multiple light sources. With BPT off, I believe it also shuts off sample all lights. And this is why it looks different.

    The crashes I got with BPT in GPU mode seemed to happen when it got to rendering transmapped hair. Eyelashes don't seem to bother it but as soon as it gets to a tile with the hair, crash. Possiblr workaround is having multiple GPU's and using one for your display and one for rendering. I have two cards but don't have a mobo with two slots for them So I can't test this right now.