Oil painting in Poser

  • I'm curious. Is there anyway, like maybe by using a toon or sketch style rendering, to create an oil painting in Poser? Preferably without having to do a lot of post work in a paint program?
    alt text

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    Within Poser - Try experimenting with the sketch designer. You can get nice results from it.
    Here is a quick example:


    If you want more accurate representation of your render, there are also many PS filters which can give an oil paint make over

  • Hi,

    The Sketch Designer is, as mentioned, your best bet for a paint render - but like most procedural solutions for oil paint, it will look like a nice filter rather than a painting. More than most media, oils exhibhit a lot of the artist's input in the brushstrokes and colours, so if you really want to caputre the effect, then you shall have to do some work in a paint program.

    The one I prefer is Artrage, which is fairly inexpensive and produces some excellent results. However, before importing a render to it, use another conventional program, such as GIMP and try to block out the colours a little.

    I'm still experimenting witht his method and am aiming at a different style from the one you've posted here but you should be able to get results rather like that - but a little work is going to be hard to avoid.

    In GIMP or Photoshop, create a duplicate layer and apply a filter - something like a cartoon filter or Cut Out will do the trick. Choose a layer option for it, such as Lighten, or leave it set to Normal and lower the opacity. Merge the layers and save in something like png format. Import it into Artrage and then simply work over it with the palette knife. You might want to add some colour tints and some details, such as fabric folds, using an oil brush which you can then blend in, again with the palette knife.

  • I'd look at Topaz Impression. What it does for photos it would do for a render.

  • My favorite filter for that is virtual painter. It's a filter so it is post work but I converted this render in just a few clicks and most were to load up my 2d software. This was one of the default settings.


  • That looks good, RP!

  • Wow very nice pics up there.. Maybe u alls Can help me.. Teach me how to fix Tyler in superfly rendering. He become black.. Somw one help me please..

  • Here's another filter I found on my computer that I'd forgotten about. This one is a stand alone called fotosketcher. It's free from http://fotosketcher.com/. Same picture as before.


  • Oh I really like this latest effect RedPhantom. Thanks for the link to the software you used.

  • Thanks. I think the 2nd one looks better too. I had forgotten I even had that program. I was cleaning my hard drive and almost deleted it, thinking it was something else. Glad I ran it first.

  • You could also try to directly incorporate that style into the textures themselves. I made a few renders where I tried to recreate some of my favourite paintings in Poser by using photographs of the originals for texture painting. This one for example:

    Not really the style you were looking for, of course, but you get the idea. You do not need any postwork, but there is some "prework" involved :)

  • Here you go. ![alt text](0_1470587786864_portrait.jpg image url)

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    Here's a real nice program that also is free. :)

  • Ghostman, that's the same program in my second suggestion. A second endorsement isn't bad. It's good software.

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    @redphantom said in Oil painting in Poser:

    Ghostman, that's the same program in my second suggestion. A second endorsement isn't bad. It's good software.

    Oops! Solly red, missed that. ;)