Elastic Implicit Skinning. WHAT??

  • In the superfly images thread our math guru Bagginsbill introduced the concept of elastic implicit skinning.
    From what I see it is a very promising technique that, when introduced in Poser, would be a sort of quantum leap. The topic deserves its own thread and attention.

    More info on the technique is here

  • @F_Verbaas It is very interesting and would surely make rigging figures a whole new ballgame!

    I'm curious if anyone knows if Implicit Skinning would eliminate grouping........

  • The essence of the technique is explained in the figure:

  • @F_Verbaas Very informative, thanks!

  • @Glitterati3D said in Elastic Implicit Skinning. WHAT??:

    I'm curious if anyone knows if Implicit Skinning would eliminate grouping........

    As far as I understand it there would be grouping of vertices because the vertices need to know which force field they belong to to do the thing shown in the red arrows in (d) (top). There would not need to be a grouping of facets.
    Of course this would not be open to many of the Poser handling tools but require a new toolset.
    Note posing would become a sort of constant simulation, frame to frame, and just like in simulations the end result depends on the history.
    The simulation part of the process is less demanding than simulation as we know it from the cloth room because it is basically done in something like UV space only. Think of the skin as a net stocking on a leg with slippery skin. The nodes can slide over the skin to relax the strain in the mesh but they are controlled in the direction perpendicular to the skin.
    Again, this is just what I understand of it. I may well be totally wrong and if I am I would appreciate if someone told me so.

  • @F_Verbaas

    Is this in any way loosely akin to meta-balls?

  • @mechanaut
    Yes, ever to my limited understanding, there is a similarity. The difference is the mesh with constant topology and therefore you can have conventional UV mapping and vertices can have a 'weight' property to positon them in the 'force field'. This gives the detailed shape.
    In a metaball you only have the force field to play with and define shape.
    Here is also a similarity with Poser's 'generate weight maps from conventional joint parameters'.

  • Elastic Implicit Skinning looks amazing from what I've seen, it would push Poser figure bending into a level that Poser has never seen and would give Genesis 3 a run for its money. It would be amazing if we were able to retroactively apply this technique to the older Poser figures...

    Sadly I don't think this will happen, the videos I've seen about EIS are all from 2013 and 2014. It's 2017 already and not a word from SM about any new total rigging improvements for figure bending since weight mapping was introduced. Hell, when was the last time someone from SM even said anything about Poser improvements or anything at all in this forum? :/