Need a simple way to show a pulsing artery in Poser animation

  • thoughts?

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    If it has its own material I'd just apply a displacement and set the value to be animated. I assume you're talking about an artery exposed by itself or part of a surgery. Or did you mean a vein? Most arteries are buried well below the skin. (excluding the obvious carotid) Many veins are just under the skin. For a pulsing vein (such as in the temple area) I'd make a displacement map to raise just that part and animate the value of the map in the shader.

  • @bagginsbill Thanks - It is part of a surgery, vein or artery doesn't really matter. I just want it to pulse. I am making it from primitives so I have to add materials, which I know how to do, and I know what a displacement map is, but I do not know how to "animate the value of the map in the shader"? Thanks for your time helping me.

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    Change to a different frame in your timeline

    Go back and edit the value you want at that time

    Keep doing that for all key frames where you want the displacement to peak and valley. Poser will interpolate between those frames. If you select one of those in-between frames, the value will read out the interpolated number that it's using on that frame.

  • Hey thanks! I will try in the next day or so and let you know how it turns out.

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    If you want to see a visualization of the parameter's value over time, click this key
    Find your prop or figure in the list and open it so you can locate and select the parameter
    Then click the squiggly line button
    And the graph appears. You can use the graph now to directly manipulate the key frame values and how they get interpolated.

  • @bagginsbill Hey so I ended up doing something even simpler. Can't show you the actual video as it is proprietary, but I attached the pulsing part. Instead of using the displacement, I just varied the size, every 5 frames, of a ball (Or half ball - forgot what it's called) primitive that I embedded and gave the same material and textures. It worked. Thanks for your help.

    Wait, how do I attached a video?

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    I'm unable to attach a video, or even a poser material file, despite the FAQ saying it's possible.

  • @bagginsbill Ok well you get the drift of what I did. Again thanks for your help

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    If you had said the pulsing artery would be its own prop, then I would have suggested animating its scale, just as you did. I didn't think the situation would be that obviously easy, otherwise I'm not sure why you asked at all.