Wacom touch settings working while drawing...

  • I noticed my hand was moving the canvas while drawing sometimes. This should not happen.
    Looks like an issue with wacom drivers.

    Just wanted to let people know. Luckily I was paying attention, but using my stylus to select things and dragging my hand across the menus was selecting things and causing a bit of chaos, when the touch should not of been working at all since my pen was so close to the screen.

    My wacom driver is on 6.3.21-10 and the problem is still here. So I guess I have to roll back to before 6.3.18-5 to stop the chaos.

    "The touch gestures respond during drawing when using a touch-supported WACOM LCD tablet that has WACOM’s newest driver V6.3.18-5 installed.

    Please uninstall V6.3.18-5 and reinstall the previous version.
    You can download the old version’s tablet driver here.
    *Please select your tablet’s model number and OS when you search.
    ■ Driver Download (WACOM’s official site)

    We will be continuing the investigation on this matter."

  • Actually, I am not sure what to do atm.
    The previous update resolved an issue where touch stopped working on my Cintiq 27qhd. So the latest update fixed it. I was not using touch for quite some time, but I really use it for adjusting my paper while drawing and a few gestures.

    I do not see the driver I would need previous to what CSP suggests I need on Wacom's website either.

  • @michaelsammler said in Wacom touch settings working while drawing...:

    Hi... I am thinking of getting a new 27 inch Cintiq and was not sure whether to spend the extra £300 on the touch version..... ( as i was not keen to spend the extra anyway this is sounding like I should not bother... do you agree ?

    BTW.... did you also buy the expensive stand or do you find the built in legs good enough ?... any advice ?

  • Morning 888toto.

    The touch has been up and down since I got it over a year a go. But I still think it is worth it and use it about %90 of the time (%10 of the time I have turned it off to prevent issues).

    The remote is great with a ton of buttons. That combined with the command bar and the selection launcher gives you a ton of options. But the 27 inch is so big, I have no room for my keyboard. So having touch gestures really helps make up for that.
    5 finger tap, reset canvas (from being flipped or zoomed)
    4 finger slide up runs my coloring action (after selecting from my color flats, copies and pastes to a new layer locking the empty space and deslecting)
    3 finger tap for the lasso ( I use it the most often after the color action)
    4 finger slide down to merge the layer back down

    Also, the touch let's me zoom, navigate, and rotate the canvas, so I really have the drawing on paper feel. I would not rotate nearly as much if I had to use a a keyboard shortcut (the remote has a wheel, but I have never got used to it. Too fast, or too many lines of rotation or something).

    Another positive is when you watch Star Trek the Next Generation blue rays. The menu is a replica of the LARS system. So navigating it with touch really makes me feel like an Enterprise Enson.

    I have had a touch issue when I used an iMac, and now after switching to a Windows PC. Here is a video of the issue

    Not may people seem to have this issue and I sent my unit back for repair twice. Wacom can not replicate the issue and blame my environment. I unplug the USB and plug it back it. Solves the issue. Happens about 4 times a week.

    Related or not, IDK. I only have the cintiq as my monitor atm. When I change windows to Firefox, or media player, returning to CSP registers a touch and it seems like shift is being held. If you do not notice, you end up with a super thin line throughout your work. So, I have to hit undo when I notice. It is pretty obvious when you know about it. Again, might just be me. I have not really researched the issue.

    You have to pull the pen about an inch or so away from the screen to enable touch. If you touch the screen early while pulling the pen away, touch will not register, and you have to get the pen close to the screen and pull it away again for touch to start. Can be a pain when putting the pen back on the stand before realizing you need it again.

    And sometimes touch will register while drawing.

    That is a lot of negatives, but I still use the heck out of touch.

    I almost forgot. I got a VESA mount ergo arm (Needs an adapter plate). I can chang the tilt to what I like and the tablet hangs over my desk. When the bottom of the tablet is braced on the table, it is very stable. I also stand and work somedays. The weight of the monitor is at the stands limit, so it is a bit wobbly if not resting on the desk. It does not bother me but after all the touch issues, apparently I am not much bothers me? You can also swivel the monitor into portrait mode. Ooogely moogely is that a lot of screen realistate when working on a comic page. But I end up not using it that way as much. Being my only monitor, it is really nice to be able to put the monitor up and at the back of my desk so I can use my kb/m, play some games, watch some netflix. Or point the monitor towards my kitchen and watch netflix while cooking.

    I used the little leg stands for the first time this week actually. I am taking a manga class and brought my wacom and pc (I am in tokyo preparing to fly to the states, so I have a travel hardcase for the monitor with wheels). Over head lights drove me nuts, but the angle is not bad. I have also seen videos of people using stacked books to elevate the back of the screen so the angle you bend your neck is less extreme. The bottom front of the tablet has a rubber strip on both left and right, so the monitor willl not slide on the table. I also use those strips when hanging the monitor over the edge of the desk, and the rubber strips rest on the edge of the table making it more stable and it does not slide around.


    This is the LX. I got the MX first cause it was way more stable when floating the monitor, but the up/down range is limited so I could neither stand nor sit while using it. So I sent it back for the LX. If your desk is not as wide as mine it might work for sitting though.

    If you have any questions, or anything let me know. It is a big purchase. I saved up for a yeart to get mine :-) I finally started making a little money from it this year.

  • @michaelsammler Thanks for taking the time for such a full reply...its really useful.