dotted custom brush

  • Please, does somebody know how can I make this multi stroke brush smooth? It is always dotted instead..
    I´m posting an image showing this problem...

    Thanks for any help...


  • There are three ways to do this... can set the brush gap setting to sometyhing very very small ... it will work but the brush will have a lot of work to do and so it may lag. (may be ok if you have a high spec computer)
    2.... You can change the brush image so that the thin outer dots that appear as dots are instead short vertical lines of approximately the same height as that middle dot ( actually I would make them all short lines with rounded ends all of about one and a half times the height as that middle dot )
    3.... You could create it as a ribbon brush with a strip of line as you want it to appear in a rectangle and set it to Ribbon.

    As a supplier of brushes I personally I would go with the second one.... as it will work well on any computer

  • @888toto Thanks so much for your answer!!! It worked really fine!!!!