Tool or plugin for drawing spirals?

  • Are there any tools or plugins for drawing spirals, like there is in Inkscape?

    I've tried drawing them using the curve tool, but I have difficulty getting them to to slow smoothly.

    I need to draw a lot of them.

  • There is a great utility called Lazy Nezumi pro - works with any program (controls mouse movement specifically).

    Does quite a variety of things including spirals.

  • Try this ... create a circular selection ... and draw a thick line from somewhere on the edge to roughly the centre. Now go to Fliter>transform>Whirlpool ... set the twist setting to the far left (-900) and the tension at around 1.00 ( choose that for yourself).... it gives a nice spiral ... if you want more spiraling then just rune that filter again.. if you are doing lots of them you probably should register the spiral as a material and then you can just drag it out and size it when you want it.