Poser not using all cores in render

  • I built a new PC with dual Xeon E5 2697v4 CPUs. Each has 18 cores and 36 threads. When I am doing a render in Poser, watching the render in Windows Task Manager it is clear that only one of the CPUs is being utilized. If i understand it correctly Poser 11 should allow unlimited CPUs so I should be seeing activity on all 72 threads. Any suggestions as to how I fix this

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    Have you checked in Poser Preferences how many threads it uses?

  • Could to be a problem with a Windows feature called ’processor groups’. With more than 64 threads Windows starts to divide the cpu(s) into separate groups. In your case there should be two groups with 36 threads per group. From what i have read lots of applications have a problem in such case as they can access only one processor group.

  • @lgnorris said in Poser not using all cores in render:

    dual Xeon E5 2697

    On top of what the others mentioned.

    I would check to see if other programs do the same thing.
    If they do it could be a bios issue. They probably are.
    The trick is figuring out if it is a bios setting, or just the bios itself that needs upgraded.
    Sometimes it is called Numa, or a Cluster setting, LC greater than 64, etc.
    Other times it isn't so well defined and requires multiple settings jive for it to work above 64 cores at all.
    You may need a bios update to address more than 64 anyway.

    Memory can do the same thing on some dual motherboards.
    If all 4 channels are not populated on each processor, some bios's wont allow all threads to be used for the same process.

    It might be worth having a look at forums on your motherboard.
    If it has quarks like that you can bet there are threads about it there.
    Windows may also need a few patches when installed to get past LC 64 without grouping as well.
    Technically you should be running Windows Server above LC64, but there are ways around it.

  • A quick way to test if you have issues, is to run Msconfig.

    Then go to the boot option,
    Then advanced,
    Click on the upper left box (number of processor cores), and see if it lists 72 or 36.