Eraser issue, keeps reseting.

  • Hi all so I’m having an issue with the eraser in clip studio paint. Whenever I change the setting of the eraser, once I switch to a different tool, the settings reset. Brush size is 50, I need 4, I use it for a bit then switch tools, then quickly switch back to find it’s at size 50. This is an annoyance but I was coping with it the past few days, until I needed to use the anti-overflow today. Anti-overflow is at 87, I change to 45, do a bit of work, switch to a different tool to sort something, return to eraser to find t start going over the lines. I check the settings and find it is back to 87. I’ve tried a few different things and nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any solutions? It does seem to be only the eraser that is affected.

  • in the tool property palette you will see two wrenches ( in UK we call them Spanners) ... the one in the top right has a circle around it.... Click that to switch off that behaviour on your eraser

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