Hither and Yon camera settings

  • I was hoping Hither and Yon settings would set a hard line of what is visible to the camera and rendered in scene, but it seems that Poser ignores it in Firefly, at least according to how I thought it worked. I am basically wanting to take models that have things like balconies that I can't show/hide individual elements and slice them up into layers that I can animate between. My option to do this right now seems to be to use preview for this exclusively, which has obvious limitations. Just in case I'm misunderstanding something, can anyone comment?

  • It isn't terrible using Preview, it is way faster, and I can blur the back slice in Hitfilm and have more control really, even make multiple slices, probably as fast as I could render a single slice in Firefly. Anyhow, I would still like to know if Hither/Yon have any function in Firefly. I'm in Poser 2014 GD.

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    Hither and yon are ignored in firefly unfortunately
    Superfly in P11 does take hither and yon into account when rendering

  • I have raised this with SM support last Monday. Got today confirmation the issue was raised with the project team and that they for now had sufficient informaion to start solving it.
    SR4 came just too early.

  • Well, that doesn't help me much, I'm on 2014 😕

  • OK, I do think I have a workable solution: create a greenscreen plane and attach it to the camera, use that to create the slice and remove the green in Hitfilm. My only issue now is how to make the plane not take shadows, it needs to just not react to shadows, is that even possible?

  • @eternityblue And to my self: nevermind, with casts shadows off it apparently doesn't receive them either. In Preview they are still displayed, but once I tried Firefly they were gone. Cool!

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    To make a fixed green regardless of light or shadow, set the green in the Ambient_Color, set Ambient_Value to 1, turn off everything else (Diffuse_Value = 0, Specular_Value = 0, no other connections)

  • @eternityblue
    Better make your own support entry then for PP2014.

  • @F_Verbaas I wasn't expecting this would be something they would go back and add, I don't know if it is broken or simply not supported. I guess I should add a ticket then. At least I found a reasonable workaround, the setup isn't too much and one thing I can do by using a plane is to change the angle to get more or less stuff in shot, yon and hither are just z axis. And I can use multiple planes I suppose as well. So there's that.

  • @bagginsbill Thanks, that helped with all the shadows! And just working with this green screen slicer for a few minutes tells me this is the way for me to approach this, the angle adjustment just makes it perfect for what I'm trying to do.

    Sometimes apparent limitations lead you to more elegant solutions!

  • From support:
    Thank you for contacting Support. This issue has been reported to the Project Team. Unfortunately, since Poser Pro 2014 Game Dev has been discontinued, this issue will be addressed in the a future update for the current release, Poser Pro 11.

    Which is totally understandable. I can't upgrade for a long while though, so I'm sticking with the green screen, it works.

  • I guess that 'project team'-answer was nothing but a pacification. Even in Poser Pro 11 with SR 5 installed it still doesn't work.