Rename Body Bone

  • When I export my figure in FBX I get the root bone called Body however I want to rename it to another name.

    Any ideas how I can rename the bone in Poser?

    I know I could import into another 3D app and renamed the bone there but I'd like to do this from inside Poser as Iam getting other issues after importing to the other apps.


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    The Hierarchy window lets me change "Body" to anything I want. However, that "name" is distinct from the "internal name" which is still BODY:1. I'm unclear from your post whether you need to change the name or the internal name.



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    I noticed that after changing the Body name to something else, the '2' key no longer worked to select the body. Be warned that other features of Poser which rely on that name may stop working.

  • Don't do it in Poser, it creates all sorts of mayhem, especially not in Setup Room. Rather get hold of "Poser File Editor" by D3D and do a replace of the bone name. Just make sure you change all the references to the bone if its controlled by a parameter dial, and don't accidentally change morph target names that might contain the bone's name.

    You could also do it in Notepad++ if you save uncompressed.

  • Thanks for the replies, renaming it from hierarchy sorted my issue, I'll also have a look at exporting uncompressed as well

  • @YummyVegetables Yup - the internal name must be the same for rigging purposes. The external name can be changed.