Sh8 files. How do they differ?

  • I just downloaded a product with shader files in the runtime. It was a poser download and follows the usual way of installing content using a runtime except that it listed shader files with the extension .sh8

    I've never seen Sh8 files. What are they? How do they differ from Mat files?

    Also included in the POSE directory of the download were .py files. Shouldn't these be under the files in python scripts?

    I could use some knowledge. Thank you

  • sh8 files are Semidieu/Shaderworks files for use with his advanced shaders that used to be at runtimedna. The python files are probably called by mat or pose files in the same directory to apply said shaders to the figure.

  • The advanced shaders can now be found at daz, search for advanced shaders 1.5

  • Thank you! If it's the free package from RDNA, I do have his Advanced Shaders version 1.5+ I have to admit to being overwhelmed by the product but I'm certain the Advanced Shader is used to affect the skin shaders in the purchased product. I think Lululee does the same thing with her skin shaders. However, Lulu also included a PDF. The vendor (who I like) didn't. I'll search for a PDF with the Advanced Shader. I'm sure I have the orginal install files stored away somewhere.