Texture combine

  • I'm trying to do the "Texture combine" layer effect and I can't seem to find it. Has the feature been removed? If not, can someone guide my step by step on how to do it?

    I can't find it in the Layer Effects menu, and I even tried dragging materials with specifically "Paper texture" property checked into the canvas and it is still not appearing

  • You drag a texture layer above your artwork and then in the Layer properties palette it should appear as one of the options on that "effects Bar". That option will be there whenever the layer is a layer of type "Image material Layer" .... in fact you can use any layer #( e.g. one you have just drawn) as atexture combine layer by going to the layer menu and clicking Convert Layer... and select to convert it to an Image Material layer.... and then the texture combine option appears on that Effects Bar. If you are not seeing the Effects Bar then your window for the layer properties is perhaps too small and you need to scroll to the top of it to see the effects bar.

    Don't forget that you can control the degree of the texture combine in two ways .... one is to slide the associated "strength slider" that pops up below the effects bar.... and the other is to change the blend mode of that texture layer.

  • @888toto Thank you! I didn't know you have to convert it to image material!