Custom Brush Textures not working properly

  • I'm trying to register my own custom brush textures.

    So, I imported my image, set it to Gray, converted layer to Image material. Then I clicked Register Material -> Image, set it to "Use for paper texture", set it to Tiling and hit OK.

    Then I applied it to a completely bare-bones basic circle brush as texture, but it simply did not show up at all, not even the tiniest hint of texture

    I toyed around with the "Texture density", "Reverse density", "Emphasize density", "Scale ratio", "Method to apply texture", but it still just doesn't show up no matter what I do

    The preset textures that came with Clip Studio Paint works perfectly but the textures I've imported simply does not work

    I'm absolutely, completely lost on what I'm doing wrong here, can anyone please help me?

    If it helps, here is one of the textures I tried to use (this is not the only one I tried, though)

  • Unlike layer textures.... brush textures do not care if the pixel color is white black or gray.... it works only from the opacity of the pixels.... so what you probably need to do before you register the texture is go to the Edit menu and click " Convert Brightness to Opacity" .... the texture will then work as a brush texture

  • Holy crap, it works! Thank you so very much!!!
    I wish there's Ctrl+Paint but for Clip Studio Paint to avoid these frustrations