Please, do something to improve rendering in HD with more opitions...

  • Re: Any updates in the works?
    Thanks a lot for opening a forum for MA! I was thinking that this software was something Smithmicro didn't care about. I made some posts about this in DNA forum, without getting a reasonable answer. I like a lot MA, everything is incredible except when it comes to render. I've been working in a graphic novel with 10 min chapters and some other projects with full HD images of 1920 x 1080 that I designed in daz3d. The only way it can be rendered without loosing quality really bad, is in AVI, but, then there is the extremely old codec that prevents an AVI file to be larger than 4 gb. I've asked in DNA about it, and someone (I think an expert from smith micro) told me that windows is very limited and it's impossible to render HD in another way, except rendering the video by parts smaller than 4gb, or frame by frame. The fact is that if this is true, then why in Pinnacle studio 16, a cheap software as MA, I can render MP4, MPEG 1, 2, 3, DIVx, (formats that doesn't loose too much quality and make small files), AVI BIGGER than 4Gb?? Also, in every format I can choose pix width, frame rate, etc.... I'd like to know if you plan to develop these kind of features in MA?? Also there's an awful bug that there's nothing to do about, except using one scene for the entire project. Randomly and unexpectedely, all the camera stop points from scene 1 are copied into the other scenes, even they are locked. I hope you can fix this one.